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Large Family Blog: Helping famlies minimize clutter and mazimize joy.

My name is Renee and I am an American minimalist who married a Canadian packrackWe have 14 kids (nine homemade and five adopted) and three beautiful grandsons who live in New Zealand

I write about minimizing chaos and clutter, organization for large families, raising kids with special needs, homeschooling, and how to feed a large family and my favorite kitchen hacks and recipes.

I am a birth photographer and content creator

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Large family organization tips.
Christmas cookies and milk.
Kalina stirring her hot chocolate on a stick.
DIY wolverine claws for wolverine costume.
Making math fun through book-inspired. hands-on STEM projects. What's Your Angle Pythagoras?

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Raising a large family is different than raising a typical family. While it means more of a lot of things (food, laundry, noise) it also means we sometimes require different items. I am a minimalist at heart and will always go for quality over quanity. But I’m also thrify…I am always willing to give a genric brand a try. Here you will find our favorite things. Products we use and love because they work for our large family.

Kiwis on Mt. Baker