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Crossover 2010

Last night was a big night in our house. Hezekiah, age 6, finally became a Cub Scout!

20100614_3663 blog
He was full of enthusiasm.

20100614_3666 blog
When your five older brothers are Scouts, its a big day when you finally get to crossover…

20100614_3667 blog
I think he's gonna do just fine.

20100614_3672 blog
Daddy was there to do the honors, presenting Hezekiah with his hat and neckerchief.

20100614_3680 blog
Aren't they handsome?

Enoch crossed over to Webelos II and Mordecai crossed over to Bear. Boaz and Judah are Boy Scouts, and Ezra just aged out of Boy Scouts (but plans on being an adult leader).      

Here's to many more years of Scouting in our family!


  1. Maci

    Hi! I’m new to your blog. I was just searching through your archives, and you said that you consider yourself a conservative Christian. What do conservative Christians believe exactly? Also, is there a specific branch of Christianity that your family belongs to?

  2. dorothy stankavage

    Most of my boys likes cub scouts, but did not want to continue in Boy Scouts. they wanted to have fun, not learn stuff… I think I have 3 or 4 cub scout shirts of various sizes around my house somewhere… Maybe my 7 yr old or 3 yr old would like scouts?

  3. Renee

    I can only speak for my husband and I, not people in general. We are politically conservative and attend a non-denominational church.

  4. Jenny

    I have a brand new Webelo Cub Scout book. Would you like to have it? I will mail it to you if so. I found it when cleaning out my school room today.

  5. Maci

    I also read that you encourage modesty for your girls. Do you have specific rules about modesty? Why do you encourage it?

  6. Renee

    No specific rules. So far it hasnt been an issue. There hasnt been anything our daughters have wanted to wear that weve considered inappropriate.

  7. Maci

    Oh. Then what’s with the skirts over the bathing suits? I’m really sorry if you feel I’m nagging, I’m just curious!

  8. joabair

    I have to say that skirts/shorts and rashguard shirts are doing wonders for our swimming! I made a shirt for myself bc lands end was out of my size, and finally we are not sunburnt! Even with sunscreen my fair family suffers, and now at the pool people ask do we “dress modestly” which I do hope so, but they wonder about covering more for a religious reason I think. Which is never an offensive question, I do partly wear a shirt for modesty. I am also non denom, but see differences in my own beliefs and others who are non denom.

  9. joabair

    oh I meant to add, congrats to hezekiah and is this the first, um, whats it called. First step? To becoming a boy scout? Do you have to be 6, so this is the first thing he gets to be? I can imagine its very exciting as his brothers have been in scouts. Also, I am loving Enoch’s individual look with his hair, I like that your children have different hair styles.

  10. Renee

    Yes, Hezekiah had to be six by September. Which means poor Tucker has to wait two more whole years (his birthday isnt until October).

  11. Renee

    Thankfully, none of my children have a tendency to burn. They tan nicely (must be that Native American and Hungarian blood). My boys love the swim shirts…not sure why, but I think theyre cute. We have no rules about that- but I think people assume we do, since they ALL wear them…in the pool the little boys have their floaty suits so they are totally covered too…

  12. Renee

    Oh, didnt even think about that. As our girls get older, we encourage them to cover their bottom half a little more…as for Avis skirt, it was a swimsuit that was given to us that just happened to come w/ a cute little skirt. Keziah, whos from Liberia, was used to swimming fully clothed, so even a swimsuit w/ shorts or skirt seems too revealing to her…

  13. Jo Abair

    Why did she swim fully clothed there? My aunt lived in Cameroon and Nigeria, and I believe Kenya. I know each country is very different, but once when I was small I got into her photo stash at my grammies and was horrified to discover a photo of a man in Nigeria, walking home from work I assume in dress socks and shoes, with nice dress pants and shirt OVER his one shoulder and he was 100 % nude! She also had pictures of women with no tops on, and people all bathing naked together. I was quite old before I looked at these WITH her but I was a snoopy child…
    My son will tan well but it takes some burns first and I want to avoid those. your children have a wonderful skin tone, tell them to send me a pkg of it.

  14. Renee

    She said everyone there swam in their clothes…Liberia (even in the bush) is not a country where nudity (or semi-nudity) is the norm. Maybe because it was colonized by the United States back in the 1800s?

  15. Renee

    Our particular troop only has an award ceremony once a year (vs. every other month for the boys) and last year they had just joined and hadnt earned anything yet.

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