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Some Days Are Just Hard

Some days you wake up with plans or no plans and then everything comes crashing in when you go crashing through the floor of your laundry room. I had two things on my to-do list yesterday (a rare day with no appointments):

1) clean the house

2) focus on homeschooling

Can you guess which of those was accomplished? Oh, yeah, neither. After I fell through rotted floor I realized I needed to move everything out of my laundry room. The rotting Deck of Death seems to have reached its damp little fingers into our laundry room. Who knew living in a (temperate) rainforest could cause so much damage?

My living room now looks like an episode of hoarders (no, really, it does). Does that stop my kids from playing, asking to do crafts and generally enjoying the chaos? Nope. Does it make them extra helpful? Um, no, not that either. Nor does it dampen (did I really just type that???) their appetites? Nope, they still expect meals, hot and ready and a few snacks thrown in as well.

Add to that a call from the school to pick up my child who was punching windows on the bus in a fit of rage. They pulled him off the school bus because they didn’t feel it was safe for him to ride home. Yes, you could call yesterday a hot mess of a day.

I awoke with a pounding headache this morning which I am trying to push away with  coffee. I have several appointments to today so my living room will likely continue to look like a hoarder (or 12) live here.

But here are some positives I am focusing on today:

1. We are all healthy

2. My laundry room is clean and accessible

3. My teen boys are cleaning their room and it looks great

4. We are hosting a fun Guardian of the Galaxy party with my teens tonight.

And, there is still time to enter and win a LeapTV for your kids!

I hope you have a great day filled with plenty of good coffee and no gaping holes in your house.




  1. Dorothy

    At least your husband is handy with tools and should be able to fix the floor when he has time?
    My kitchen sink is torn out right now. I’m trying to remember where I put the cast iron brackets we ordered to hang my 1947 sink I bought 2 years ago. The dishwasher is temporarily hooked up to my laundry room sink. I still have 9 kids at home and a full time job. The kids expect meals to be made and would like clean dishes and laundry.

  2. Christine

    Hang in there! There are sure to be better days. I’ve been through a rough time this fall with my teenager. Then one day, completely out of the blue, she brought me a letter she had written me, thanking me for everything I do for her. It really changed the way I viewed all those hard days. I know your family appreciates all the things you do for them.

  3. Jess Guest

    Similar degree of chaos here except the kids are on summer holidays and the laundry chaos is somewhat planned. The Great Room Paint an Swap project starts next week. Much easier when planned though – even if you plan to do it over Christmas. Wish I could pop around with a giant casserole and salad and Mocha but, you know, southern hemisphere. Praying you have a more sedate day today, appointments notwithstanding

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