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DIY Rainbow Bed Canopy

This awesome DIY rainbow canopy is  quick and easy!

Kalina, Jubilee and Avi all share a bedroom. It is a large room (the master bedroom in fact) so there is no shortage of space. Last summer we repainted (for the first time in 10 years!) and put in wood flooring. The room looks so much bigger and brighter now. You can even see our awesome DIY repainted metal lockers in these photos. The room works well for them, but I thought it could use a little color pop (and I’m a sucker for rainbows).diy-rainbow-bed-canopy-0606

Not only did I want a little color pop in this room, but my mother in law gave us several large bags full of this silky-scarf-y material. I don’t even know what it is…Many sewing project ideas went through my mind when I saw this fabric, but my sewing skills are in their infancy, and my time at a premium…Then one day this IDEA popped into my head.



What if we took this gorgeous fabric, and simply loosely tied it to the rails of the upper bunk? Jubilee loved the idea (it is her bunk that will be enclosed) and got to work counting slats and choosing colors. She went with rainbow (which thrilled me). 



We simply put a length of fabric through the slats and tied in a loose knot…



The finished product was a beautiful enclosed space that really gave the room a bright, cheerful look.



It lights up beautifully from the inside when the sun shines through. Next we are going to do something similar to the windows… 

Now I am very seriously considering make a pvc pipe frame so we can do the same to Avi’s top bunk.





  1. Peg in Seattle

    I noticed that you shortened the fabric so it would fit. Could you use the leftover pieces and ‘weave’ them thru the slats of the upper bunk?

  2. Joy

    ive been looking for canopy for my daughter’s bunk bed and your idea is so brilliant! thanks for sharing it. pls post an update for the top bed.ty!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Update? Honestly, we have done nothing to the top yet. Mainly because our daughter who sleeps there can’t be trusted not to tear it down…I am thinking maybe a hula-hoop to hang just over one section. It would look cute and be pretty easy to pull off.

    • Renee

      Elizabeth, I am not totally sure what the fabric is called. It was given to me by my mother-in-law. It was some sort of sheer fabric…like something you would use for a veil. Definitely not cotton!

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