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Friday Focus: Hezekiah

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Sweet Hezekiah. My Old Soul.

Hezekiah has unilateral tonsilitis. After four days of fever and sore throat, I finally took a peek in his mouth and found one huge tonsil with white streaks on it. ┬áHis throat culture came back negative for strep. He has barely complained. He hasn’t been to school since last Thursday and won’t go back until Monday (assuming the antibiotics do their work). He has been quiet and uncomplaining. Poor little guy.

I have had this particular photo shoot in my head, basically since I knit him his Pi Hat. I am so happy with how they turned out!


  1. Michele P

    LOVE the pictures. What a cutie he is. Praying he feels better soon! Off to vote for ‘ya! Congratulations!

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