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Happy First Day of Fall!

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Hezekiah, 7

Our short, cool, fleeting summer is officially over. Today the first day of fall was ushered in with a lovely Chinook. Oh, how I love Chinooks….In our house the first day of fall might just mean candy corn and apple cider. But don’t tell my kids. They don’t know yet.

I have been, as promised, making my way through every blog of those of you who left a comment on my Five Years of Blogging post. I am now on page two of comments and have been so very touched by your lives and stories. I was moved to tears by a reader who’s 12 year old son died in a skiing accident earlier this year. I mourned with a reader who just suffered a miscarriage. I smiled as readers shared about triumphs, meals, new life and the start of school. I was humbled to be able to “meet” so many of my readers. I have been leaving a comment whenever ย possible, but every so often the computer gets stubborn and wont let me. I am checking out each and every blog. I have been so blessed by those of you have emailed me about Apollo. I try to respond to them all, but sometimes get bogged down and overwhelmed with life in general.


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