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Minimalism and Toys for My Toddler

Minimalism and Toys: Yes, It’s Possible

I’ve been wanting to post for a while about some of the amazing Etsy shops I’ve discovered.  The thousands of shops over there can be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few I’ve purchased from recently and been 100% satisfied with.

Apollo's space quilt was purchased off of Etsy.

I bought this toddler-sized quilt for Apollo just a couple of weeks before his heart surgery. I was searching Etsy for something special, and a space themed quilt seemed just perfect for a boy named Apollo XIV. I purchased it from Suomi Lane Quilts. Let me tell you, I am so impressed with the quality of this item. It is well made with an obvious attention to detail. You can barely see it here, but the thread swirls around the fabric in cute little patterns.

Minimalism and Toys Means Maximum Creativity

The toys Apollo is playing with here are from Mama Made Them. This lady has a delightful variety of handmade items. She uses different colors of wood to create the different colors in her toys, instead of paint.

Apollo loves playing with his well-chosen toys.

I  bought Apollo a dinosaur, a llama family, a fire truck, a bus/van with people and little doll house. They have quickly become favorites of his.

Apollo plays with his wooden toys.

Minimalism and Toys means kids play longer.

And finally, this playsilk and clips I bought from Birch Leaf Designs. The clamps are smooth and well made and the playsilk is soft and beautiful.

Minimalism with toys is aestheically pleasing and doesn't overwhelm kids.

And just for fun, here is what Apollo’s toy shelf looks like right now. The top basket contains his rubber ducks, the basket on the second shelf has his wooden animals and the basket on the third shelf contains the Duplo set we bought Apollo for his birthday.

I am a firm believer in a few quality toys over a mountain of cheap (or for that matter, expensive) toys.

Minimalism and toys means quick clean up and fewer messes.

Minimalism and Toys Means Fewer Messes!

The best part? Even if he’s gotten every single toy out to play with, it only takes about two minutes to clean it up!


  1. Jo

    It is wonderful that you are supporting work at home parents. We try to buy things from Etsy or hyena cart when we can. I had a store on hyena cart for yrs, and am about to open a new one there. I loved working there, and I appreciated the business because I know that cheaper imitations can be found at walmart or His toys are beautiful! We decided 6 yrs ago when we first started trying to have more kids, to buy only wooden baby toys that were homemade by work at home parents. Obviously it didnt turn out… we are still trying but no luck yet.

  2. Kate

    Thanks for the etsy shop tips! My mom, sister and I just enjoyed looking and shopping from Mama Made Them today (upcoming birthday and even some Christmas gifts). I LOVE handmade-in-the-USA wooden toys, and this shop is one of the best I’ve seen. Looks like excellent quality and plenty of open-ended fun. Thanks a lot, Renee!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Basically just a square of silk….with the clips they make tents and hideouts. Other than that, they just play with it like dress-up clothes.

  3. Lou

    Of all the sensible things you say, I think the MOST sensible is how you ended this blog post. There IS such a thing as too many toys. They don’t get more hours to play with them if you buy more! I can’t tell you how perfect his little toy collection looks to me.

  4. Rachel S

    I am loving the etsy shop with all the wood toys. They are great and so affordable, I know where I plan to do some christmas shopping this year.

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