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These Pet Sematary Inspired Photos Will Give You Nightmares…I Hope

Pet Sematary inspired photos.

Kid in animal mask peeking out from behind a tree in the Pet Sematary.From the moment I saw the trailer to Stephen King’s Pet Sematary I knew I wanted to recreate the scene with the kids in animal masks. We live on five acres surrounded by woods and I was captivated by the simplicity of the scene in the movie. How seeing a line of kids walking into the woods in animal masks could stir up such feelings of eeriness.

Thankfully, my kids are usually pretty happy to join me in these photographic adventures. And participation is always optional. I only use children who want to be photographed.

We set out making paper mache masks (please let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on how to make them), built our own Pet Sematary, and then let the magic happen.These Pet Sematary inspired photos with kids will give you nightmares.

I’ll be honest here…there is a voice in my head that says I’m headed straight to Hell for using my kids to remake scenes from horror movies…but there is another voice, the creative voice, that uses photography as a way to express my thoughts and feelings. And sometimes I just love the challenge of taking a vision from my head and creating that vision to share with others.

So here you go. My interpretation of Stephen King’s 2019 Pet Sematary.
Hand painted Pet Sematary sign.

Hezekiah as a kid in a mask from Stephen King's Pet Sematary.

These Pet Sematary Inspired photos will give you the chills.

Kid digging a grave in the Pet Sematary.

Paper mache mask in the Pet Sematary.

Dog in the Pet Sematary.

Paper mache mask and worm in Pet Sematary.

Boy in animal mask sitting by fresh grave in the Pet Sematary.

Boy staring at grave in Pet Sematary.

Boy sitting by grave in Pet Sematary with animal mask.

You know you have good friends when you text them explaining your latest photography project (recreating scenes from a horror movie) and ask if you can use their kids…and they respond with, “Are you kidding me? Yes!”

Three kids in animal masks heading to Pet Sematary.

Three kids in animal masks heading in to the Pet Sematary.

Kids in animal masks heading to the Pet Sematary.

These Pet Sematary inspired photos with creep you out.

These Pet Sematary inspired photos with creep you out.

These Pet Sematary inspired photos with creep you out.

Have you seen the new Pet Sematary movie? I took Mordecai to see it and we both loved it. I didn’t think it was scary at all, but then I am a huge fan of the books as well.

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  1. Melpub

    Very cool indeed. Sorry about the burning in hell voice. These are fantastic photos. I wish my kids were young enough to want to make masks! Those days are gone. But about that voice, might I recommend a dose of the wonderful Rachel Held Evans? Literally any of her books. She was a wonderful writer who died (alas, recently) all too soon.

      • Melpub

        Can’t go wrong with her. I liked the first: Evolving in Monkey Town. Newly titled “Faith Unraveling.” There are several others and I guess her blog is still up. She had a wonderful sense of humor.

  2. Peg

    A few years ago, at my brother’s house for Christmas dinner, I noticed quite a few Stephen King books lying around. I was a bit surprised and asked him ‘what the heck’? He said Teresa and the kids all like to read his books. Then he added…’I sleep with an ax next to me.’

    • Renee

      LOL. That’s pretty funny. Stephen King is about so much more than blood and gore. His storytelling is AMAZING!

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