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Primary Clothing Review {Kids Clothes Without Logos}

Enjoying some unexpected snow here in the Pacific Apollo's favorite Primary pajamas!

Primary Clothing Review {Kids Clothes Without Logos}

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Honest Primary Clothing Review. Thoughts on style, price, and quality.


It has been over a year since I wrote this review of Primary Clothing. The one complaint I had was that the hoodies were thinner than expected. We live in the Pacific Northwest were hoodies are worn year-round and are important for layering. Because I had friends who purchased from Primary, and I had seen the hoodies, I chose not to order any for Apollo.

Winter Pacific Northwest style.

Well, guess what? Primary listened to customer feedback and began offering thicker (more typical) hoodies. They offered to send me one for free (after reading this review). I happily accepted. Let me say, the new hoodies are thick and perfect for layering. In fact? The photo above is a second hoodie I purchased after Primary sent me a free one! A year in and Primary remains my favorite kids’ clothing company and my go-to for ordering Apollo clothing. 

Enjoying some unexpected snow here in the Pacific Apollo's favorite Primary pajamas!

These are Apollo’s favorite pajamas. They are soft and comfortable and we love the rainbow stripes!

Kids Clothing Without Snark, Logos, or Licensed Characters

I’m going to make a confession here. I hate kids’ clothing with logos and licensed characters. I have tried to avoid them since our oldest (now 21) was a toddler. You know what else I hate on kids’ clothes? Pithy statements and sayings like, “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I am right!”

No thank you. 

Having these types of preferences makes finding kids’ clothes that much harder. I have written in detail about How to Save Money on Kids Clothes. There I listed some of my favorite tips for buying clothes and my favorite long-lasting brands.

Apollo in one of his favorite Primary shirts.

Primary’s baseball style shirt

Primary Clothing is My New Go-To for Kids’ Clothes

Well, it’s time to update that post because I have a new favorite brand for kids clothes and it is Primary. A few of my photographer friends have been talking about Primary clothing because it is completely logo-free. Why, you ask, do my photographer friends care about this so much? Because when you do stock photography you cannot have any logos in the photos. Dressing their kids in Primary for stock photography shoots makes it so much easier to edit the photos.

Cutest uncle nephew duo and maternity announcement. Bellingham photographer.

So, what exactly is Primary and what is so special about it?

Primary’s website states:

“no logos, no slogans, no sequins. just awesome colors in the softest fabrics we could find, all under $25”

No slogans, sequins or logos? Is the clothing even cute? Well, let me show you.

Primary clothing makes capsule wardrobes for kids a breeze.

This was Apollo’s 2018 summer wardrobe. Every photo here is an actual order I place with Primary. If you are a regular reader, you will likely recognize many of these items of clothing.

Notice every shirt coordinates with every pair of shorts? This gives me the confidence that no matter what Apollo decides to wear (and he has strong opinions) he will be looking good.

Apollo in his Primary capsule wardrobe.

The khaki shorts and polo shirt were perfect for Enoch’s Eagle Scout ceremony.

So what do I think of Primary? Here is the rundown:

My first ever order to primary dot come. Primary clothing review.

This was my first ever order from Primary. 

Style: The lack of logos and licensed characters are obviously what led me to Primary in the first place, so I love this. Primary has a selection of shirts (baseball, layered tees, polos, and regular tees), shorts, pants, dresses, hoodies, dresses, leggings, and cardigans. There are more than enough styles and colors to give your child a complete wardrobe.

What to do if you suspect a concussion.

If you like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, Primary is the company for you.

How Does Primary Clothing Fit?

 I was a little bit worried about sizing when I placed my first order of Primary clothing. I talked to a friend and ended up buying the 6/7 for Apollo which fit perfectly. Apollo is six and a half and weighs in at 44 pounds to give you perspective. I washed his clothes and there was no shrinkage whatsoever.

Primary clothing runs true to size.

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What Sizes Does Primary Offer?

Primary offers baby clothes (in sizes 0-3 to 18-24) and kids sizes 2-3 to 10-14.

Comfort: Apollo loves the feel of this soft, cotton clothing. They have no tags so they are ideal for a child who is sensitive or has sensory needs. My favorite is the pajamas which remind me in softness and feel of Hanna Andersson at a fraction of the price.

Primary Clothing review. Actual order.

I bought the green puffer jacket for Apollo and the blue one for Percy. The yellow striped jammies are for Tilly’s baby.

How is Primary Clothing Pricing?

The tees are $10 (or 3 for $9), polo shirts are $14 ($13 for 3 or more) and pants $24 (or  $22 for 3 or more) to give you a few examples. There is also FREE SHIPPING! clothing review.

Quality: This clothing is bright, vibrant and durable. It is comfortable right out of the box and comfortable wear after wear. My only complaint is that the hoodies are thin *, more suited to a cool summer day than an extra layer in the winter.

* After customer feedback, they have added thicker hoodies! They now offer both. The blue hoodie above is one of the thicker ones.

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How Much Variety Does Primary Offer?

Primary carries shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, socks, underwear, dresses skirts, hoodies, coats, and more  in 20+ different colors.

Update: They have now added JEANS! I bought Apollo a pair to try out and he loves them. In fact, he has told me more than once, “Mom, you should just buy all of my jeans from Primary”.

Primary jeans are soft and stretchy which makes them more comfortable without sacrificing style.

Primary clothing review.

This is an actual order from this fall. I was buying Apollo new clothes and stocking up for Tilly’s new baby, and my grandson Percy.

Primary clothing definitely gets five out of five stars from me.

I can tell you that Primary will absolutely be the first place I turn for clothing purchases (with the exception of $10 jeans at Old Navy).

Get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT

Primary Clothing

$8 and up

Sizes newborn - 14


Huge variety of colors



  • No Logos or Snarky Comments
  • Great Quality
  • True to Size
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for Capsule Wardrobes


  • Literally no cons


  1. Joy

    We also adore Primary. The make the only legging that hold up to my wild climbing exploring daughter. Bright colors that always match and never fade, great quality, and a perfect fit for my skinny kids.

  2. Peg

    Whole heartedly agree with you about sayings on shirts for children. The only exception was one I recently saw that said in cursive…’If you can read this, you’re old.’
    The reason I like this one is because my two youngest children (millenials) say they can’t read my writing.

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