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Remember this vest? One of my children (who shall remain nameless) tossed it in with Apollo's dirty cloth diapers. So it got washed. In hot water.

It is now a tiny, felted newborn sweater.

And I am mourning it's loss…

And reminding myself that people are more important than sweaters. Even if the sweater was hand knit from soft, soft Alpaca wool.

For a more cheerful post, head over and look at the birth photos I just posted on my Little Earthling Photography blog…


  1. Sarah

    Been there. My Mom hand knit me beautiful lace socks. They were a little to big so I was shrinking them carefully. No problem. My child went to help me do the laundry and assumed the soaking socks were dirty and threw them in. Now I own felted child size socks. Mom just said, “Well, I always wondered what felting looked like.” She also said when she dies I will find all the socks she’s knitted for me. That way if I shrink them she’s dead and won’t be upset. Oh my.

  2. Anna

    I hate it when that happens. I knit wool pants for my cloth diapers and have found the pants felted in the diaper wash on more than one occasion. “It is better to have knit and felt than to have never knit at all.” ~me

  3. ruth

    I think it means you will have to do a new one. Then you can invite me over and show me how its done. It is next on my list of things I want to do.

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