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Semiahmoo Resort

Beautiful view from Semiahmoo Resort.
Beautiful morning at Semiahmoo Resort. Bellingham photographer.

All work and no play make Jack ad dull boy. And makes busy moms of large families and special needs kids a LITTLE BIT CRAZY. Thankfully, I have a friend, Sarah, who is way more fancy than me. She knows how to find a great deal on everything and belongs to all kinds of clubs that are too cool for me. And one of those just happens to be the Semiahmoo Resort.

Beautiful view from Semiahmoo Resort.

She invited me and our friend Hilary for a getaway weekend that included 50% work and 50% play. Sarah and I both work from our computers and are always behind, so we packed them up and headed out to Semiahmoo for a fun getaway.

We got a late lunch together on Saturday, then headed to the resort. We did a little work, went swimming in their indoor/outdoor heated pool at 9 pm (in 40 degree weather) then soaked in the hot tub and chilled in the steam room. Then it was snacks, movies, and laughter until bedtime.

Walking along the beach at Semiahmoo Resort.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast (coffee and avocado toast for me) then took a long walk along the beach. Semiahmoo Resort is located on Birch Bay and surrounded by the Salish Sea (The Salish Sea extends across the U.S.-Canada border, and includes the combined waters of the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands). You can look across and see our Canadian neighbors.

Hi Canadian family!

Beautiful view of Salish Sea from Simiahmoo Resort.

After our walk, refreshed from the cool sea air, we buckled down to do more work. At some point, Sarah said she might have her husband bring her kids out to swim. In a moment of weakness and filled with the love only a mother can feel, I invited my kids to join us for a few hours so they could swim in the pool.

Jubilee swimming in the pool at Semiahmoo Resort.
Tucker swimming in pool at Semiahmoo resort.

There is seriously nothing quite like swimming in a (heated) pool in 40-degree weather in February. Especially because the pool tends to be pretty empty.

Kalina in pool at Semiahmoo Resort.
Tucker in pool at Semiahmoo Resort.

Once the kids left it was time for a late lunch/early dinner. Sarah and I sent Hilary (thank you, Hilary) to grab Thai food for all of us. Then we settled in for a little more work, a lot more laughter, and fun.

The next morning, Hilary had to head to work. Sarah and went for an early morning swim, then packed up to head home. A little more refreshed, a little less behind, and a whole lot more ready to tackle the week ahead.



  1. Valerie Joyce

    We live on Semiahmoo Spit which is where the beautiful Semiahmoo Resort is located- just one correction- it is not located at Birch Bay (which is another lovely getaway a few miles away). Semiahmoo Resort is on the narrow Semiahmoo peninsula in Blaine, WA – ‘Semiahmoo Spit’.

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