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All About Tacos! Activities for Kids

Dessert tacos made with waffles and ice cream.

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Tacos! Project-based learning


Let’s just get this out of the way now…Everybody loves tacos.

I’ll admit it…I’m scatterbrained. I’m the creative type who throws myself 100% into new, and EXCITING projects…but don’t necessarily finish those projects. Because of this, unit studies have always been huge in our homeschooling. We would choose a topic and study it from every angle until we lost interest.

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Dessert tacos made with waffles and ice cream.

I am so excited to share my latest project with you guys…It is a 50-page unit study all about TACOS! The idea started months ago when I was hanging out with my friends and they both mentioned that they make corn tortillas from scratch. I had always envisioned this as a long, arduous process, but both assured me it was easy.

You will need a corn tortilla press to make your own corn tortillas.

I was going to borrow a tortilla press, but when I realized they were only $15, I went ahead and purchased one off of Amazon. And the tortillas turned out amazing! Not long after that, I dove headlong into working on this project. And now, several months later, I have FIFTY pages of fun taco activities. All are now organized and uploaded over in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Now that my children are older, I enjoy putting these together so other families can benefit from the work I’ve already done. I have plenty of free products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and these TACOS! studies are priced at just $5 each, or $16 for the entire bundle. These are designed loosely for grades 3-5 since I am making these for Apollo and his buddies.

Taco Writing Lab for kids ages 8-10

TACO Writing Lab

Tacos! Writing Lab contains nine pages of activities. Kids will learn to compare and contrast (for instance, what is the difference between a burrito and a taco?) They will learn about Venn diagrams and then make one of their own. Kids will write about whether the prefer tacos or burritos, first using the planning page and thinking about word choice, then using those skills to write a persuasive essay. And finally, they will write up an ad for their imaginary taco stand.

TACOS! History and Science Activities

TACOS! for Kids History and Science Activities is jam-packed 10 pages of fun. Kids will learn about the history of tacos, where they come from, how masa is made, and learn about the chemistry behind tortilla making. Kids will pick up new vocabulary along the way…you may just hear them ask if their dinner has been through nixtamalization because they really want to avoid pellagra.

Tacos for kids who love to cook. Interested-based learning for kids in 3rd-5th grad.

TACOS! for Kids Who Love to Cook

TACOS! for Kids Who Love to Cook is filled with 20 pages of recipes, Spanish vocabulary, and Spanish flashcards they can make themselves. No child can resist taco cupcakes or dessert tacos.

Fun Math Games for Kids- Taco-based projects.

Ultimate TACOS! for Kids Bundle

TACOS! Fun Math Games for Kids is filled with plans for graphing their favorite taco toppings, a Taco Truck Mix-Up logic game, Taco Truck Investment, and more. This pack has 8 pages of activities.

TACOS! Fun Math Games for Kids

My Ultimate TACOS! for Kids Bundle comes with all of the taco kits above (over 50 pages) as a discount price.

Homemade corn tortillas ready to be filled.

Following my children’s passions always produces the most learning. That should be totally obvious, but sometimes in the midst of worrying about keeping up and following a strict curriculum, we forget that.

Creating your own unit studies can be simple and easy. I did it for years while homeschooling my older children. Here is a step-by-step approach to creating a unit study with just a few library books and free resources.

Fry Bread is perfect for filling with chalupa!

Fry bread is what we use we have chalupa. It’s AMAZING!

Here you can see all of my resources for creating the study. If I were to recommend only two books from the list they would definitely be Tacopedia and Fry Bread. Tacopedia is written for adults but full of kid-friendly illustrations, photos, and facts about tacos. Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story tells about the rich tradition of Fry Bread in Native American culture.

And while you’re at it, you should really buy the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game. It is a fast-thinking game that will keep you on our toes. It is a family favorite here.


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