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This page is a place to showcase my favorite knitting projects and to share my favorite resources with you. This page will be frequently updated. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments.

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Percy, 20 months old in handknit Milo Baby Vest. I used Cascade 220 for this knitting project.

The Milo Vest

This is the Milo Vest by Georgie Hallam. I purchased the pattern off of Raverly years ago. If I had to guess, I would say I have knit a dozen or more of these over the years. I chose to knit this one for my grandson, Percy, using Cascade 220 yarn. Cascade Superwash is washable and perfect for busy toddlers. My grandsons live in New Zealand where they get damp, chilly winters. Both my girls use these vests to add an extra layer in chilly weather.

The Milo vest offers a variety of cable options. For this vest I chose the hearts. I used Cascade 220 Feather Gray for the base and rainbow colors for the stripes.

Milo Vests knit with yarn from The Blue Brick.

These two Milo Vests were knit in yarn purchased from The Blue Brick.

Aviatrix Hat

The Aviatrix Hat is my go-to for babies. It is cute, has endless possiblities with colors, stays on with the cute little strap.

Jason and Abel.
Abel two months in rainbow sweater and hat
Abel in an Aviatrix Hat and Milo Vest

Stilig Baby Vest

Handknit newborn rainbow vest.

I love this simple ribbed baby vest. I have to admit, the directions were a bit confusing and I totally messed up on my first try. Since then, I have knit two of these vests successfully and plan to knit more in the future.

Toddler T-Shirt Vest

This Toddler T-shirt Vest (and the Baby T-Shirt Vest) were the first baby vests I ever knit. I love them for their simplicity.

Handknit Baby-T-Shirt Vest

Apollo in two versions of the Baby T-Shirt Vest.

Apollo in Toddler T-Shirt Vest

Apollo in Toddler T-Shirt Vest knit in Cascade 220

Antler Toque

Antler Toque pattern

The Antler Toque is my go-to cabled hat for kids and adults. It is simple, straightforward, and beautiful.

Favorite Knitting Tools

Knit Picks Interchangable Needles

Brittany Cable Needles

Wedong Large Eye Blunt Needles

Reusable Cotton Produce Bags

I use these to store my knitting projects in. It keeps them clean, portable, and most importantly, keeps them safe from our cats.

Zannaki Mesh Zippered Bags

I use these to store my needles, tape measure, stitch markers, etc in.

Favorite Knitting Resources

Ravelry is my go-to for patterns, and pattern inspiration.

This Etsy designer is my current go-to for baby knit patterns. I own a lot of her patterns. And I mean a lot.

I knit with Cascade 220 Superwash frequently because can be machine washed and comes in a ton of different colors.

Berroco Vintage is also machine washable and comes in a huge selection of colors.

Apple Yarns is a local knitting store that also offers online ordering. I really miss just being able to wander the shelves of yarn like I did in the pre-virus days.

Apollo in hand knit cardigan using Eco Duo Wool.

This cardigan awas knit in Eco Duo.

This Eco Duo yarn is by far my favorite yarn. Made of baby alpaca wool, this yarn is what the angels in heaven knit with (I’m sure of it). Sadly, for some unknown reason, my daughters kindly requested that I knit baby items in machine-washable yarns…