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Primary Clothing

Primary is our favorite clothing store for kids. No logos, no snarky comments, just good, quality clothing. I buy 90% of Apollo’s clothing from Primary and also buy clothes for my grandsons from Primary because my daugthers love it as much as I do! Read my review.

Enjoying some unexpected snow here in the Pacific Apollo's favorite Primary pajamas!
FREE Printables to go along with Rover Throws a Party

Teachers Pay Teachers

I have a Teachers Pay Teachers store where I regularly upload homeschool content and printables. Some of it is paid and some of it is free. Go check out my store and other stores. Let’s support each other!


Timberdoodle is hands down my favorite online resource for learning materials. We have been satisfied customers since 1999! I have never been disapointed with them.

Timberdoodle is my favorite online source for homeschool curriculum
Little Earthling Amazon Storefront

Our Amazon storefront is full of all of our favorites. From my favorite kitchen tools to supplies for homeschooling projects, it is all there organized for your convinience.