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I have 14 kids. I know a thing or two about organization.

How to Plan and Prep Your Meals

Freezer cooking for large families.
A mom's guide to brushing kids' teeth.

Real Organization for Real Families

We are not a picture-pefect magazine spread family. We make messes, we lose things, we don’t always clean up after ourselves. What we DO have is systems in place that streamlines our home and reduce stress. I am here to share those tips with you.

Managing Lots of Kids

A large family means more noise, more joy, more dirty laundry, more missing socks, and MORE everything. Here I share my best tips and hacks for managing a large family. 

Hezekiah and Mordecai in the woods.
Adalia, 40 weeks pregnant, with Percy in New Zealand.

Pregnancy and Postpartum with a Large Family

Frugal Living for Large Families

My best tips on how to save money on school supplies, on clothes, on groceries, and just about everything else!

Free peanuts at Five Guys.
Another PNW homeschooling adventure with friends.

Homegrown Learning

Play is the work of the child. My site is packed full of learning activities, books, printables, unit studies, and my reflections on 20 years of homeschooling.

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