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A Few of My Favorite Things

Last week’s post about healthy snacks brought a slew of questions about our pantry and fridge storage containers so I thought I would give you some more details and share some of my other favorite household items.
1. Favorite things for organizing my fridge:20140522_1528 copy

Cambro Storage Containers. These bins come in a variety of sizes. We purchased our collection a little at time, buying one each time we bought groceries. We now have about ten in varying sizes and they work beautifully to keep our food fresh, crisp and most importantly: visible!

2. Favorite items for keeping my pantry organized:

20140522_1524 copy

In our pantry we use these Sterilite Large Show Offs. They are cheap (about $8 each for the large ones). The large ones will contain twenty-five pounds of rice, beans or cornmeal. These containers are not designed to store heavy foods or weight, so we never pick them up by the handle! We simply use them to store our grains. On the left hand side you see the smaller Sterilite bins. One has medicine, one food for Judah’s lunch and another is Apollo’s snack bin. We have these bins all over the house. They store: homeschool supplies, our haircutting supplies, extra toothbrushes…seriously, we have these in almost every room!

And by the way, this awesome pantry is simply a regular closet organizer fit into our pantry. When we moved in this panty had large, deep shelves. Chuck cut them down (you can see the remenants of the original shelves) and added the closet organizer. It may not be pretty, but it is very functional.

3. My favorite stain remover:

After trying out about a dozen different stain removers, I can confidently say the OxiClean Max Force Stain Remover Spray is my favorite. This is the only stuffy I buy. I keep the bottle on my dryer and spray anything that needs it down before I toss it in.

4. Favorite thing for cleaning walls:

Mr Clean Magic Erasers
The first time I heard of these was from another mom of a large family who said, ” I don’t normally buy disposable cleaning products like this, but these  things really work!” So I bought some and have been buying them ever since. We have removed: pencil, pen, sharpie, all kinds of things from walls, doors and tables. These things really are MAGIC!

5. Favorite item for homeschooling:

These Ferby pencils are worth every penny! They are thick, nearly unbreakable and give bold colors. They are also easy for little ones to grip.

How about you? Do you have any favorite items you use? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Melpub

    Should anyone be passing through Germany, “Frosch” brand universal cleaner (the pale green kind in a plastic bottle) is great for floors, toilets, surfaces. (“Frosch” means “frog” and I have no idea why they call it that–except that the stuff is supposed to be environmentally friendly, like a frog, I guess. Here’s the link, although I’m not sure I can post that here:

  2. Suzan

    I love your organisation. I am hopeless and struggle with a deep corner pantry that has a small door. I love the way it is organised and that everything can be seen. We don’t have many of those bins etc here. Recently I have bought glass containers because you can see what is in them. It is a fairly dangerous thing to do with dad as he is blind and has alzheimer’s but I was being driven nuts but the constant smelly surprises.

    I admire how much you do and achieve.

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