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The Complete Primary Clothes Review: Fit and Quality

Enjoying some unexpected snow here in the Pacific Apollo's favorite Primary pajamas!

A complete review of Primary clothes. I have been a happy customer of since they launched in 2014. I am so sad that Apollo (11) will soon be outgrowing their clothing. Thankfully, I have four grandchildren and a niece and nephew to buy for!

Juniper in a rainbow heart romper from primary clothing.
My granddaughter, Juniper, in a rainbow heart

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Mama, Why Don’t You Ever Buy Me Pink Clothes?

Four-year-old Apollo came up to me, his big brown eyes shining. “Mama, why don’t you ever buy me pink clothes?”

I wasn’t sure what to say.

Umm…I didn’t realize you wanted pink clothes” I replied.

“Well, I do. Pink is my favorite color”.

Apollo's love of pink led us on a quest for pink clothes for boys.
Apollo was full of confidence in his new pink shirt and camo pants.

That conversation led me on a quest to find a few pink shirts for Apollo. Turns out, it wasn’t easy. The best I could come up with was this pink shirt (which he proudly selected himself). Unfortunately, it also had cupped sleeves and fancy ribbing around the neck.

Apollo loved his new pink shirt. He wanted to wear it every day and often paired it with these camouflage pants that he picked out at the same time. Finding pink clothes that didn’t have ribbons or sparkles or princesses was not easy.

Baby Juniper in a romper from Primary Clothing.
Juniper in her adorable romper by Primary Clothing

Later that year, was established. I was thrilled to find a company that was making basic clothing, in all colors, for all kids.

So, what exactly is Primary Clothing, and what is so special about it?

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Primary offers clothing with no logos, pithy statements, or sparkles. But rest assured, that does not mean boring.

Primary carries shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, socks, underwear, dresses skirts, hoodies, coats, and more in 20+ different colors.

Abel looks adorable in this rainbow romper from

Check out my grandson, Abel, in this adorable rainbow romper from Primary. In the photo on the right, he is also wearing a Primary cardigan. When his mama, my daughter Tilly, was young she would always tell people her favorite color was RAINBOW. I am happy to say, she still loves the “color” rainbow.

What to do if you suspect a concussion.

How Does Primary Clothing Fit?

I was a little bit worried about sizing when I placed my first order of Primary clothing. I talked to a friend and ended up buying the 6/7 for Apollo which fit perfectly. Apollo was six and a half and weighed in at 44 pounds to give you perspective.

I washed his clothes and there was no shrinkage whatsoever and over time, no fading or pilling!

Abel in a yellow Primary polo.

Update on Sizing:

I have now purchased many Primary pieces for all three of my grandsons, and my daughter’s both felt like Primary baby clothing ran a little on the small size. Both Iris and Tilly had much bigger babies than I did. So, I would say

Primary Clothing runs a bit small or true-to-size.

What Sizes Does Primary Clothing Offer?

Primary offers baby clothes (in sizes 0-3 to 18-24) and kids sizes 2-3 to 10-14 for most pieces. Primary now also offers adult-sized pajamas and a few items so the entire family can match!

Cutest Uncle and Nephew Duo Ever! Bellingham photographer

A huge range of sizes means Apollo can wear matching pajamas with his nephews…something he loves!

Abel wearing rainbow striped pajamas from Primary.

How is the Quality of Primary Clothing?

This clothing is bright, vibrant, and durable. It is comfortable right out of the box and comfortable to wear after wear. My only complaint is that the hoodies are thin *, more suited to a cool summer day than an extra layer in the winter.


Apollo loves the feel of Primary’ss soft, cotton clothing. Primary clothing has no tags so they are ideal for a child who is sensitive or has sensory needs. My favorite is the pajamas which remind me of the softness and feel of Hanna Andersson at a fraction of the price.

This clothing is comfortable right out of the box and comfortable to wear after wear.

Abel wearing a Primary clothing tank.
Abel in a Primary Tank for Babies.

Update: They have now added JEANS! I bought Apollo a pair to try out and he loves them. In fact, he has told me more than once, “Mom, you should just buy all of my jeans from Primary”.

Primary jeans are soft and stretchy which makes them more comfortable without sacrificing style.


One of my favorite things about Primary clothing is that the colors don’t fade or pill. They look great wash after wash.

How is Primary Clothing Pricing?

Primary clothing starts out at $8 and goes up to $58 for a puffer jacket.

Primary clothing is perfect for making DIY Costumes…

Napoleon Dynamite party ideas. From snacks, to games, to costumes, we have it all!

…like when you want to dress up like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

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  1. Joy

    We also adore Primary. The make the only legging that hold up to my wild climbing exploring daughter. Bright colors that always match and never fade, great quality, and a perfect fit for my skinny kids.

  2. Peg

    Whole heartedly agree with you about sayings on shirts for children. The only exception was one I recently saw that said in cursive…’If you can read this, you’re old.’
    The reason I like this one is because my two youngest children (millenials) say they can’t read my writing.

  3. Clara

    I love primary for myself (im 13) and my younger brother. The colors are bright and I love the feel and fit! Would highly reccomend for all kids who love bright comfortable clothes. They also have a wonderful swim collection for this summer, now on sale! It has trunks, shorts, rashguards, onepieces and even a sunhat thanks for the post spreading this website, I love the pictures!

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