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Apollo and his Passion for Fashion

Apollo Bergeron newborn-10-2

My sweet Apollo isΒ four and half years old. Can you even believe that? Four and a half. I can’t say the time has gone quickly…his infancy with endless crying and struggles to eat are etched into my memory perfectly. Every day was long and the nights even longer.

He was beautiful, but he wasn’t a happy baby.

boy-eating-red-pepperIt is mind-boggling to me that after all he’s been through, multiple surgeries (adenoids, heart surgery, g-tube placement, heart surgery) that the real game changer for eating would be having his tonsils removed. Even the doctors didn’t realize what a what a difference it would make for him eating. The tonsils were removed because of his severe sleep apnea, but the increased ability to eat has been outstanding.

Weight gain is still slow so the nightly tube feedings (360 calories- a 1/4 of his daily intake) remain. He loves healthy foods, fresh fruits and veggies. His all-time favorite snack is “lettuce ends” as he calls them. We cut the bottom off a romaine heart and he snacks on it. He is the only child we have who we wish would eat more junk food.

Apollo and his passion for fashion

Apollo has recently developed a love for all things pink. A few weeks ago he asked why I never bought him a pink shirt. The reality is, I’ve long since give up buying him any clothing he doesn’t pre-approve. He doesn’t like long-sleeves or button up shirts or jackets or hoodies…pants he rarely gives me an issue on. He always wants to pick out his own clothing for the day and I let him unless we are going on an outing that I feel the need to dress him for.

When Adalia lived at home, he would get upset if she wore “ugg-y” clothes. Sometimes he would even cry over her outfits. She found it so amusing she would often take him to her room and let him help select her outfit for the day.

So, when I needed to buy some new pants for Kalina recently, I took Apollo with me so he could pick out a pink shirt. Along with this t-shirt (which is way too bright for my taste) he chose these camouflage pants. He was so excited with his new outfit, he begged me to take pictures of him.

And since he almost never lets me take pictures of him, I happily obliged.


Do you pick out your kids’ clothes? I have to admit, I love dressing Apollo in adorable outfits, but he rarely lets me anymore…


  1. Doula Jen

    Dressing my kids was the joy of my life!! Then my son came along who has strong clothes opinions as well. Sigh. My older girls will let me pick their clothes out if I want but I want them to have autonomy πŸ™‚ I veto their choices only rarely. Dressing little people is

  2. Carley Morse

    My girls are almost 3 and 19 months, and I love picking out their clothes! I know it won’t last forever (and really, it’d be weird if it did)…so I’m enjoying it now.

    I really love Apollo’s bright pink and camo…good combo. πŸ™‚

  3. Dorothy

    I pick out their clothes, as I buy them. After that, they choose their own outfits. On school days, I insist they must wear clothing that is clean and fits. Other than that, I don’t care what they wear. My kindergartener insists on wearing t-shirts in the winter, so she either wears a long sleeve shirt under them or a sweater or light jacket over them. She just doesn’t seem to get the connection between it being winter and her being cold in a t-shirt. πŸ˜›

  4. Sarah Wamuhiu

    My 4 year old would wear camo everything everyday if he could, he thinks it makes him invisible! πŸ™‚ other than that he has a rather hipster fashion sense which I think is adorable πŸ™‚

  5. Robyn

    That boy knows what he wants, and has a look all his own! What a great gift.

    And how cool (as you oh-so-casually mentioned) that he’s getting 75% of his calories orally now?! THAT IS AMAZING!!!

    Go Apollo!

  6. Liz

    I buy most clothes online or resale so I pick them out. Occasionally if I’m buying dresses online for Olivia I will call her over. I’m trying to get best deal with coupon and sales and gift cards so it’s easier to do myself. She loves shopping. My 2 and 4 year old won’t touch pants without pockets. They like their treasures. That his cut my pants supply in half

  7. Kristal

    Our youngest has a style all her own and I try hard to embrace her love of mismatched things or tutus out of the house. Until the boys got to be teens they didn’t care {and well, one only cares on Wednesday night and Sunday morning} and the other daughter is happy to be in jeans and a hoodie every day.

  8. kris

    I have let them pick their outfits for a long time although my husband has a hard time when the now 9 yr old still wears mismatched clothes. I am just happy he’s dressed because 1/2 the time he forgets why he was sent upstairs. I know the types of clothes he likes (he’s got some sensory issues) so I can normally buy without him around. My 12 yr old, forget it. Once he hit about 3 it was down hill on me keeping clothes he did not like. I still remember making him go to the store with me when he started Kindergarten to buy cold weather clothes. I told him I was not running back and forth buying and returning clothes for him. So, he had to endure shopping (which he still hates). I usually make them both come with me for the initial long pants, long shirt purchase for a new size and then I can pick more up as I see sales etc. Oh, and my youngest and my oldest have very different clothes taste so at some point I gave up saving all the hand me downs and only saved what the youngest agreed on.

  9. Heather

    In my family, we do a system where the child can either choose the top OR the bottom for the day and the adult chooses the other. That way they get something they like, and you get to match it into a presentable outfit.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That’s a good idea. Apollo rarely gives me a fight about pants…but his shirt choices are often weather inappropriate.

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