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All Is Well in Opus-Land

20100603_3476 blog
A rare photo of Chuck, the man who caught my attention 16 years ago when I overheard him tell someone he wanted ten children…the rest, as they say, is history… 

All turned out blissfully normal at my ultrasound appointment yesterday. Opus is head down (head actually off to the side, not near my cervix, but down…) and my placenta is up high. We are so thankful the Lord that everything is looking good. Now I can relax and look forward to another home birth.

I don't routinely go in for ultrasounds. We had one for Adalia, because our midwife's office in Hawaii required it. I had one with Tucker, because or midwife couldn't "rule out the possibility of  twins" and I had one at nine weeks, to date this baby, because I had no idea when I got pregnant.

This time it was amazing to see an ultrasound of a full term baby! We got to see several close up shots of the baby's face. It was crazy! The technician commented on our baby's chubby cheeks, all smooshed up. And his frown! Oh, Opus. He was pouting the entire time, his little mouth turned down in a grumpy frown. It was so funny! The technician commented that he sure didn't look happy, but in Opus's defense, she did have the ultrasound wand shoved in his face…we also saw him sucking away, dreaming of the day he is born and gets to nurse!

She found his head right away, so his face is the first thing we saw, but he kept moving his hand up in front of it (trying to suck his thumb?) and she said, "Oh, there's his hand…and a foot!" he was folded entirely in half, both hands and feet next to his head. Looks like he'll be nice and bendable when it comes to newborn photos!

I was am so happy to find all is well inside his warm, cozy world. So of course last night I dreamed I had the baby…between seeing his face in the ultrasound and dreaming of giving birth, I can hardly stand the wait. I was doing just fine up until now.

I plan to have Adalia or Chuck update the blog with the gender and name shortly after I give birth, so you won't have to wait until I'm up and around to hear the news…

Nine days and counting…


  1. Jessi

    I’m so happy to hear Opus is for sure head down. I can’t wait to hear who has been baking! You’re so close to being due, I’d be frowning too. It’s got to be pretty cramped in there and I’m sure he’s eager to meet his family in person!
    I confess every time you don’t post till afternoon, I think “could this be the day?!”

  2. Tracy

    Yay! I’m happy to hear Opus is indeed getting things in the right place for his big debut. Eventually we do intend to have a photo session with you but we’re happy to wait. I got myself a Cannon Rebel and have been trying to teach myself but even on the auto settings it’s so much better than my old point and shoot. You’ve inspired me. (In more ways than one. 🙂 )

  3. Joolzmac

    I am so pleased for you that Opus is ‘headed in the right direction’. Waiting for blog babies is just as exciting for the reader as it is for the expectant mother. Take it easy and best wishes to you all,

  4. Ilja

    Good to hear that everything is ok!
    It’s so exciting, I check your blog at least once a day, haha.
    Good luck in these last days!

  5. Delia Brands

    Little Opus certainly has quite a crowd of well-wishers awaiting his introduction! And after all this talk of “Opus/his/he” we’ll all be quite surprised if he’s a she! You really do need a girl to even the troops out gender wise. Maybe she’ll be a serious old-soul child like Jubilee & Hezekaiah.

  6. Esme

    Renee, I think you’re teasing us with only telling us PART of your and Chuck’s love story… you gotta dig out those old photos and write a post about it. Maybe that could be something to keep you occupied while your waiting for the little guy/gal to come into the world?

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