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Enoch & Emma: A Uniform, A Love Story, and a Surprise Proposal

Enoch, age 20, works as an EMT.

The Photos That Changed Everything

It all started innocently enough. I took pictures of my son, Enoch, in his EMT uniform and then, of course, posted those photos online

I thought nothing more of it, until I got a message from my friend, Jennifer, in late July. 

Sooooo does Enoch play any instruments?”

“No, he doesn’t…why?”

The Back Story

Our family started attending the same church as Jennifer and her family when Enoch was just a toddler. Over the months and then years we attended, we got to know the J family. We attended church events and campouts with them. They also homeschooled their children and had a large family (which would eventually grow to nine children). As our children grew older, we met up in different settings, with and without kids. The J family even attended our at-home family camp one year. 

Renee Bergeron is a birth photograher in Whatcom county.

Time went on and as I grew my photography business, I photographed Jennifer’s newborn son,  Elijah, and took their family photos. Eventually, I would photograph the births of her two youngest children, Lydia and Mary

So, a message from Jennifer was not out of the ordinary. Asking if Enoch, specifically, played any instruments, was. 

Enoch was fantastic in his performance in Romeo, You Idiot!
Enoch playing Romeo in Romeo, You Idiot!

Turns out, Emma likes a man in a uniform, and Enoch looks pretty darn good in his. Emma is also passionate about singing, acting, and musicals. While Enoch doesn’t play an instrument or sing (much) he loves musicals and has performed in as many as he could.

So our conversations continued. I can’t speak for Jennifer, but I can say I stayed completely out of it. Enoch likes his privacy, and I respect that. But I did notice something.

September 23rd- Me to Jennifer: Not to brag or anything…but I noticed Emma and Enoch are FB friends now…

And then…

October 5th- Jennifer to Me: Sooooo has he said anything to you yet?

Me: Nope.

Jennifer: Well he called her and asked her if she’d like to go hang out and reconnect. They went on a date last Tuesday and we’re supposed to just have lunch together but it ended up being like 8 hours.

In truth, they moved their date up from 1pm to 11 am…and ended up lasting until 9:10 pm. Apparently they had a lot to talk about.

October 11th- Me to Jennifer:

Enoch just posted this in our family chat

A beautiful love story


You have a real gentleman of a son there. He came over for her birthday this afternoon, re-met the kids and pulled my husband aside to ask permission to date her with intentions of considering a lifelong mate.

Enoch and Emma

And the rest, my friends, is history. 

Now my conversations with Jennifer look more like this. 

Me:  Do you ever feel like we share custody of “the kids”?

Jennifer: Ha ha! No kidding. “Do I get them Thursday?…Oh that’s right, you get them Thursday I get them Friday.”

Enoch and Emma black and white

So, while Enoch and Emma’s relationship may have developed fast, we have known their family for years and it is clear to anyone who sees them together that they just click and were clearly meant to be together. 

Enoch and Emma all smiles after getting engaged

To see Enoch’s amazing SURPRISE proposal, go check out the photos on Little Earthling Photography.



  1. Linda E. Reamer

    Thank you so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL pictures and story of this sweet couple .. we know Emma through our grandchildren.. A LOVELY caring , TALENTED young lady !! I am SO thrilled for her and your son .. The Lord has Blessed them and their family’s !!

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