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Solid Rock Family Camp 2010 Part 2

Why? Why spend so much time and energy for two days of "camp"? The answer is simple. To build memories. 

Camp Schedule 2010:

11:30 Check in/registration/lunch

12:00 set up tents

12:30 decorate shirts/team posters/team names

1:00 orientation/group pictures

1:30 group  games (shoe kick/freeze tag/ sharks and minnows/ human knot, etc)

2:00 free time/snack shack/crafts

Crafts this year included: clay, making crossbows (that shoot straws), beading, rock painting, gimping, badge making and making felted dolls

3:30 more group  games

4:30 camp songs/meal prep

We have each team help with kitchen duties and use plastic trays. These are washed in a "dish line" outside. More than one person has suggested using paper plates for ease of clean up, but we want to preserve the camp atmosphere and feel like KP helps accomplish this. The children earn tickets for washing their dishes which can then be spent at the snack shack in the afternoon. 

20100724_4191 blog
5:00 dinner

7:00 Camp fire

8:30 in tents

9:00 lights out

Day 2:

8:00 breakfast

9:00 invention bags

10:30 group games

20100724_4216 blog
12:00 lunch

1:00 free time/snack shack/crafts

2:30 water balloon fight

20100724_4215 blog
3:00 egg scavenger hunt

3:30 take down tents

20100724_4200 blog
5:00 dinner

Popsicles and farewell

Campers left about 7:00 Saturday night.    

Click here and here and here for two more perspectives on camp.



  1. Tracy McKenna

    Solid Rock Camp is sooo cool! And I’ve got to ask–where can I find out how to make those crossbows? My little Webelo would DIE for one of those!

  2. Jenn

    If I were Tammi I’d be calling you about now for that picture!! I was praying please don’t let there be a picture of me, please don’t let there be a picture of me…THANK YOU!! Poor Tammi, LOL.

  3. Renee

    Tami doesnt mind that pic… Really. She posed for it and laughed about it. I would NEVER post a pic like that if it would bother them!
    Sent from my iPhone

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