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Apollo: Two Months Update

20100825_5063 blog
Apollo XIV, 2 months

Ruth, from Snap-EZ diapers, has generously offered a $20 give certificate for Snap-Ez diapers to one of my readers. All you need to do is go to her website, click around, and leave a comment here telling me something you learned, or a product you love. The winner will be selected randomly. Ruth is the stay-at-home mom to eleven children! I have used Snap-EZ diapers on Hezekiah, Avi and Tucker. Apollo now wears them during the day, though Chuck and I have always chosen to use disposables for nighttime and trips out of the house.

20100825_5061 blog
Apollo is two month old today. Two months.

He is finally sleeping during the day, and Dr. Karp is my new hero. We saw results from the very first day we tried his methods. He still isn’t a great napper- at this point he is awake for an hour and then naps for 45 minutes to an hour. Far from ideal, but when we first watched the video he was staying awake for 3, four, five, six or more hours and then napping for 5-20 minutes. Now that he is actually sleeping during the day, I am working on helping him learn to sleep longer. He’s always done fairly well at night (what’s not to like about being snuggled next to mom, with warm milk on tap?)

He has rolled from his back to tummy at least twice (witnessed by several people). Nursing is finally, finally pain free (we had tons of trouble due to his being tongue-tied). Apollo loves to talk and coo. He is right on the verge of laughing…He is weighing in at 11  pounds 15 ounces- so he’s gained 3 pounds three ounces since birth.

On the schedule for later today: a two month photo shoot. Lets hope he cooperates for me!



  1. JCF

    I love that Snap-Ez sells diaper fabric and sewing supplies at great prices! I may have to order some fleece for soakers and longies!

  2. rebekah

    I love the variety in the Snap-Ez products. There are so many sizes, varieties, and styles from which to choose. I also love that they can be used from infancy through potty training. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Corrie

    I use cloth diapers already. I have never tried Snap-Ez, actually I’ve never heard of them. However, I love the one size diapers I currently have. Due to some sewing errors on my part they are no longer up to staying on an active toddler.
    BTW, my daughter is 7 weeks old, just a little younger than Apollo. Her tongue was tied too, but we got it snipped. That day her nursing improved 100%. I watched her tongue get clipped, I was amazed that she didn’t even cry.

  4. Erica

    Wow! I’ve never actually looked into this company until now, thank you so much. (Which surprises me, since you have posted about it before, this just made me look into it)
    What I liked the best was that they were all handmade (as opposed to some factory in Eastern China), so when I linked onto the site I could just feel how proud Ruth must be about this product. I love the varity of the fabrics used to make these adorable l (and comfortable looking) little diapers. I especially liked the Eco-One size! Talk about being eco friendly, and cost friendly.
    Reading this back to myself, I sound like a spokesperson… Oh well! 🙂 I’m really glad you posted this, Snap-Ez has a new customer, over here!

  5. Paige

    We use prefold cloth diapers right now. But we haven’t found a good alternative to disposables for night-time. My little one always leaks in cloth at night. I’d love to try a pocket diaper with a double liner to see if that works better! Thanks for setting up the give-away!

  6. sarah

    I really enjoy snap-ez’s inserts. They did a great job soaking up and keeping the mosture off of my babe. Plus they were very thin and he didn’t have the big baby bum!
    I also tried the extra absorbant night time insert and it worked really well. Normally he soaks through the cloth, and I was excited to see one stand up to his bum!

  7. Sarah Rose

    I’m very tempted using these for our next one coming in October because the leaking is the main thing that keeps me from wanting to do extra laundry. With these, the outer fabric and the microfleece are stretchy and a snug fit that prevents leaks. =)

  8. Taryn

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one size diapers! With my secong child I was given 2 Fuzzi Bunz to try which I like but could not afford…then with my 3rd baby we tried happy heineys…but the velcro soon became a nightmare…with my fourth and fifth I just couldn’t keep up enough on the laundry (would love to know how you can keep up with diapers to wash too!)
    The one size diapers are the perfect solution…and I love all the colors:)

  9. Kara

    I’d love to try one of the new one-sized diapers. My babies are always in between sizes with commercial diapers. I usually sew my own, but I haven’t had time lately.

  10. Jess Harrison

    Thank you for this opportunity! I have to say, I am loving the Eco one-size diaper. I am expecting our seventh child in October and have been looking into cloth diapering. I think I’m going to have to get a few of these.

  11. Hannah

    I could really use a wet bag for this coming baby since I’ve been procrastinating sewing one myself. There are so many other “fun” things to work on.
    Love the aqua colored one size diaper too!

  12. Anna

    Nursing pads! I’ve tried to sew my own (I sewed my own diapers), but failed miserably. I live way out where we have no garbage service, so cloth is a necessity, not a choice, like it was in Bellingham. I saw the picture of Kimono with her kittens on Blogging by the Dozen. If her babies are anything like the last kitten we got from you, we’ll take one! I thought my husband was insane when he said that he would take another one (we have two cats, a dog, and 31 chickens).

  13. Tracy

    I just saw my very first pocket diaper last week after having used AIO’s for three years. I am intrigued. From the Snap-Eze site I learned about the different fabrics she uses and why and also learned about dryer rocks, LOL. (and I thought those were from my six-year-old’s pockets)
    Anyhow, her diapers sound wonderfully soft and durable and since we’ll be using cloth diapers for at least another year, I’d love to give those pocket diapers a spin.

  14. Jae

    I’m with Lew – I’ve always been interested in trying out eco feminine pads. Did not even know they existed until I checked out the site. Could save some money on the “paper” kind.

  15. Lisa

    I really like the looks of their training pants. I would like to try the Eco AIO Training Pants for my daughter.
    lisar79 at msn dot com

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