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The Homeschool Party

What better way to kick off our new school year but with a homeschool party? Our basis was this: dress as a homeschool stereotype. What do people think of "us"? How are we perceived? Thankfully, I have awesomely creative friends. Friends who are up for any kind of crazy challenge. 

So I introduce to you:

20100902_5885  blog
 Lazy homeschoolers who stay in their pajamas all day.

20100902_5882 blog
Sipping coffee…

20100902_5881 blog
…and playing video games.

Then we have: 

20100903_5811 blog
SuperMom! With her perfect son and angelic daughter! And do you see her to-do list? Everything is checked off…even her  work for tomorrow!

20100903_5853 blog
And of course, the all natural, crunchy homeschool mom. 

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes when I saw Hilary. If you don't know her in real life let me just tell you…she does not look like this. But boy did she look the part!

Next is:

20100903_5842 blog

the super-smart child-genius.

20100902_5872 blog

As for me, I knew with 14 children there was only one stereotype I could pull off…

 the large-Christian-we-do-everything-from-scratch-family.

We played some games (guess the famous homeschooler, spelling bee, homeschool mad libs) ate lunch, and generally had fun and laughed at each other.




  1. Catie

    LOL I nearly lost it there for a moment, Hezekiah with that part in his hair and those glasses! Goodness, what an awesome group of people you have around you!

  2. Conversatio in Caelis

    I’m dying over here!
    I have to show this to my sister (she represents the “large-Christian-we-do-everything-from-scratch-family” stereotype fairly well 😉 ).
    I’m so discouraged sometimes because of the persecution of homeschoolers here in Germany. My sister emigrated to Belgium because of that. And those parents who (have to) stay, like us, can choose submission or persecution (we submit, but I’m not very happy with that).
    This post make me laugh and that’s good!
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. Elizabeth

    Man you guys sure know how to have fun! This is hilarious!! I’ll be sure to show this to my mom, she’ll get a big kick out of it as well being a homeschooling mother herself.

  4. Carrie

    HAHAHA! That is SO awesome! I wish we could have been there. I tried to think of another stereotype that might not have been represented, so I think I would pick my oldest son’s favorite (meaning the stereotype he would choose for our family if he could…maybe even in real life). We’d come as an uber-Libertarian family. (Would you mind if we showed up with our guns, lol?) I love home school stereotypes, actually. We’ve learned to embrace them. If I could choose one to lead in real life, I’d be a Duggar. But instead, we’re none of them…or maybe even a combination of all of them…who knows? Thanks for sharing your fun with us!

  5. Elena

    I am laughing so hard! The pre-TV-show-Michelle-Duggar look… on you!
    I’m a long time blog lurker, never commented before. But I just love your family! I’m a large family (and homeschooling) mom myself, with kids of similar ages (16 to 2) and though we’re from very different walks of life and believe very different things, you are such a pleasure to read! Your wit, humor, occasional gritty realness, and snark, just make your blog come to life. You really are a credit to Christians and Christian moms. You actually seem live what you believe and though I am not (Christian) myself, I admire you so much for that, as it is rare among many similar bloggers and families. I love reading your blog not only for the amusing antics of your family that I connect with so well, but because you are just so *full of life*, and seem like a genuinely nice person with no ulterior motives. Your blog is a true mother’s blog – not a place to write about hate or push politics or rant about a hot-button issue. That is so admirable and rare these days.
    I guess I’ve veered off here, and I hope I haven’t offended you, but I really just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how I admire you so.
    From one mama to another,

  6. Serial Mommy

    Those are GREAT!!! We definately fall under the “stay in our pajamas all day” group. Though with our big family (5 kids full time) we *could* be the stereotypical christian do everything from scratch family.

  7. Delia

    I did NOT recognize Hilary!! And my first thought was “Wow, Renee is really getting hooked up with some really crunch granola style homeschoolers these days” since Hilary pulled off the look so believably. I think all that denim really threw me off…and is that Apollo she has in that denim sling? Good think you kept that 80’s era purple courdory maternity jumper for just such a photo shoot…don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a jumper/skirt before! How did it feel to look 9 mos. pregnant so soon after Apollo?

  8. Ellen in Kalamazoo

    Bwa-hahahaha! What a great party! I love how creative and fun you are!!! I’d be curious to hear the stereotypes folks have of we non-homeschooling moms . . . anyone have visions of me with my feet up eating bon-bons and watching soaps yet?
    . . . Nope. My real plans for tomorrow, the first day of school in Michigan: once the kids are out the door my friend is heading over here for coffee and a looonnnggg overdue catch-up conversation while I bake cookies. When the kids get home at noon (1/2 day) we’ll continue our first-day-of-school tradition of sitting around eating warm cookies fresh out of the oven while they tell me about their day. I suspect my 23-year-old will even show up between college classes for cookies!

  9. Emily Weaver Brown

    ha ha! I don’t know how I missed this the first time but I never saw this post. I laughed so hard. The way Hillary is dressed is just like the way my MIL dresses in real life (minus the baby sling). For the record she did not home school.

  10. Angie

    We are new to homeschooling. Just wondering what family we are in the minds of others? (I probably don’t want to know :/ ) I ended up on this sight because I want to have a party for homeschoolers to meet my son for the first time. This is great!!!!!

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