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Our Favorite Art Supplies for Homeschooling

Exploring Art Supplies

Yesterday I took my older children to a performance of CSI: Live! Since I had no little ones along with me, and since we were just around the corner from the art supply store I’ve been wanting to check out, we took the plunge.

My children were like kids in a candy store. It was their dream come true…colored pencils, paints, clay…papers in all shapes, textures and sizes…calligraphy sets, calligraphy ink…huge blank canvases and itty-bitty blank canvases…art books galore.

20100308_1832 blog

My goal was to purchase new colored pencils. For years we’ve been using Prismacolor and been happy with them. The have beautiful bright, vibrant colors.  This last year or so, however, they have been breaking like crazy. And not from misuse. I have purchased new tins of Prismacolors (which come unsharpened) only to immediately sharpen them two-thirds of the way down to get the lead not to break. Then I put the pencil to paper, and it breaks once again. Prismacolors are fragile and need to be treated with care, but this was getting ridiculous. I’m 34, I ought to be able to sharpen a pencil (and yes, we were using the sharpeners Prismacolor suggested) without it breaking repeatedly.

So yesterday we purchased Faber-Castell pencils, and so far, so good. The children are loving them and not one has a broken tip!

20100308_1819 blog
Judah and Tilly have been really into cartooning lately, so when they requested this book, I was happy to oblige. And just look at the results! This is the first figure Tilly (11) drew out of the book.

20100308_1821 blog
We also purchased comic paper and pens, which were immediately put to good use by Enoch and Judah.

20100308_1820 blog
I love that Hezekiah (5) grabbed the new Dover Sea Monster coloring book and chose to copy the picture and draw his own, instead of coloring the one in the book. Such creativity and confidence!

20100308_1812 blog
And best of all? Our little jaunt to the art store bought me a whole afternoon of peace.



  1. shawn at daffodil lane

    My kids saw you guys at CSI. 🙂 I love that art store too, but haven’t been in since they moved over a couple doors.
    Shall I come get my cookie order sometime?

  2. Ruth Doyle

    What art store did you go to? I must know. Samantha love drawing and keeps asking me to get into our home school time. I need supplies.

  3. Julie Sanchez

    Uhhh…seriously? That is amazing drawing for a 5 year old! They all can draw beautifully. I’m worried that my children will have no drawing skills, because I definately lack the skills.

  4. Theresa

    Now that really is priceless!
    We are having issues with our Prismacolor pencils breaking a lot lately, too. Very annoying. Maybe they get fragile with age??

  5. Lou

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE art shops. Like REALLY. There is something about the potential in pencils and paints. I use derwent. Maybe too expensive for such a large family. The normal ones I’ve had for YEARS. I have a little stubby set of 12 from 1980, bought in Scotland, only about a quarter of a pencil left. I’m saving them! and a set of 36 I’ve had for a decade or so. Never had one break. They are so soft. And they feel so nice to colour with. But, keeping 13 (soon to be 14) stocked in colour would be expensive. I also use their watercolour pencils (they are fantastic). And I’m dying for a set of their inktense ones. REALLY bright colours.
    I wonder if you could tell me how I find the entry you had yonks ago about how to make the pencil wrap things. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have had a 2 hour lesson and now want to make one! Too hard? Should I start with something easier? (I’ve done three rows of a patchwork quilt, but just squares.)

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