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It Had to Start Sometime…

So why not yesterday? We didn't let a little detail like the fact that we still don't have 90% of our schoolbooks stop us from a productive school day. We just dove in with what we had. 

This year I've got the older children reading through the Bible. I love that this website has printable forms with the schedule all laid out. I made copies for all of the older children and myself so we will be doing the same Bible reading on the same days. 

20100907_5927 blog 

And what exactly is Jubilee working on?

20100907_5926 blog
The same thing Hezekiah's working on, of course!

20100907_5922 blog
Making the flag of Denmark out of Legos. Why the flag of Denmark, you ask? Because that is where the inventor of Legos lived. Did you know Legos were originally made out of wood? And the word means "play well" in Dutch or "to study" in Latin? We do, because we are doing this awesome Learning With Lego Unit Study one of my blog readers showed me. Yay, for awesome blog readers!

20100907_5925 blog
Even Enoch got in on the act. Until I asked if he had finished his schoolwork…which of course he hadn't. So he was swiftly banished to the dining room table, pencil in hand, for minutes upon minutes of drudgery where he learned about beginning sentences with capital letters. Oh the horror! 

But alas, we survived. And as we all know, tomorrow is another day….


  1. sarah

    Thanks for sharing. The kids and I were not feeling in the “school zone”. The boys only wanted to play w/ their legos. Perfect!

  2. jo

    There is a display of legos in Denmark as well, its amazing! Too bad you cant teleport to Denmark…There is other very cool history on Denmark, my moms likes to visit there so bought books for us on the history of it, it was fascinating. We did a study on it last yr.
    Looks like fun was had for the day! congrats on a new school year. We are working without our math books so far and I do wish they would just arrive so we can dive in…

  3. Ciska

    I’m sorry to correct you, but as a native in Dutch, I have to tell you LEGO is not a Dutch word. I googled it for you, and I found this explanation: “The company and its products now adopt the name LEGO, formed from the Danish words “LEg GOdt” (“play well”).”

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