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Lego Love

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The Lure of Legos is still going strong in our house. Since we’ve begun the Learning With Lego Unit with my younger students, the older children have been drawn to the Lego table more and more. 

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One of the things we’ve learned about in our study is mosaics.  After watching several videos about some very impressive Lego artists they decided to try their own. The inspiration for the logos came from this book:

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

Not only did they create the logos from this book, but check these out:

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Giant sized to scale Legos! The cool thing about these is, they interlock just like the real pieces. How cool is that?! The homeschool mom in me gets positively giddy just thinking about the real life math and logic skills that go into something like this!

All of my children have spent hours pouring over this book: The LEGO Ideas Book.

It tells the story of how Legos came to be and  how they have changed over the years. Our children have Chuck’s old Lego sets from when he was a boy and they have been delighted to find our “old fashioned” pieces in the the book. 

My children are so into Legos these days that I sold our enormous set of Duplo Legos, and used the money to buy yet more Legos off of ebay. Because you can never have quite enough.

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Hezekiah (6) would only let me take his picture if I let him hold his Lego creation with the words backward. Don’t ask me why. Hezekiah is mellow and easy going, but boy does he have a stubborn streak!

Don’t you love it when you children get so immersed in a project that they hop out of bed already thinking of the day’s additions? We have Lego creations all over our house these days. On the Lego table, floor, and shelves.

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Big Ships.

IMG_9108_6654 blog
And little boats.

IMG_9114_6660 blog
And well armed rafts, to name a few.

And today? Today Enoch, Mordecai and Hezekiah are taking a Lego Robotics class. All in the name of learning.    


  1. Nicole

    Hey! I heard Margaret Peterson Haddix speak at the National Book Festival today. She wrote one of the 39 Clues books! Apparently after the series is finished (10 books) they’re doing a spinoff series too. Anyway, I was reminded of your kids. I was also happy to see so many kids there, super excited to meet their favorite authors.

  2. Rachel

    I know I’m a bit late, but I was wondering if the boys had fun at the lego robotics class? We had a CSIRO guy come in to talk to us about robots once at my homeschooling group and we all had great fun programming our lego robots to dance.
    The lego logoes are wonderful! They look like the real thing! I wouldn’t be able to do them so well…

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