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First Day of Community College

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Keziah (18) headed off yesterday for her very first day of adult education at our community college. She walked herself to the bus stop, transfered buses once and made it to her class, through her class and back home again. This is a major accomplishment for a girl who's been in this country not quite three years! 

Keziah is taking one English class at the community college and still homeschooling as well. Our hope is that she will eventually be able to take GED prep classes and earn her GED. Academics are a struggle for all three of our Liberian children, but all three are making progress. Its slow and painful at times, but they are making progress.

Keziah would love to do hair, and she's very talented, but every school or program we've looked into requires either a GED or high school diploma. 

It was fun to hear Keziah's stories about her big day. She made several friends apparently, chatting with people on the bus and while waiting at the stops. One of her bus drivers told her he just brought four children home from Liberia three days ago! 

And Keziah got homework. Can you imagine?! And on her very first day, too.



  1. Me -

    I am not a commenter on blogs usually, but I did want to take a second and tell you how amazed I am with all that you have done with your children. Especially the 3 from Liberia. You are an amazing mom and an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your daily life with us as much as you do and thank you for taking time out for the orphans of the world.

  2. Debbie

    Great job, Keziah! She looks every bit the college student and what a lovely young woman she is.
    Our three from the Philippines also have difficulties with their academics. It is wonderful to see how other families are helping their children reach their full potential.

  3. kris

    Good for Keziah! My sister is a hair dresser and it took her years (and a few college starts and stops) to get there. And school was not so great for her but for some reason she felt she HAD to go to college to be something. And then one day she realized it just was not for her and off to cosmetology school she went. Keziah will get there one day. She is still young!

  4. Ann Kietzman

    Keziah, I am so proud of you!!! With time, hard work and effort on your part, you will eventually reach your goal of doing hair. There will be some challenges along the way but remember there is help available for you to master them. In the end you will be a much stronger person. May God Grant You Many, Many Years!

  5. Kate Alva

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Such a huge change in her! She exudes so much confidence and joy in this picture! Your family has much to be proud and thankful for. Thanks again for letting us peek into your world…

  6. Ellen in Kalamazoo

    I love that she has such a positive outlook! Terry a/k/a “Isn’t today the best day ever!!!” must get that from her 🙂

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