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Keziah, Ezra, and Boaz were adopted from Liberia in 2007.

All three have moved out of the house and are living here in Washington.

Keziah and Boaz work for Alaska Airlines and Ezra works in a lumber mill. All three are thriving as independent adults.

Iris, 40 weeks pregnant, with Percy in New Zealand.

Iris is our firstborn, our honeymoon baby, born in 1996.

She was born in Alaska and has always been wild, active, and adventurous. Iris spent the summer of 2011 in Honduras with Teen Missions International where she met her future husband. She trained at Bastyr University as a birth doula at age 14 and attended 7 births before moving to New Zealand in 2014 with Kiwi husband Ben. Iris is now the proud mama of two handsome little boys, Percy and Monty.

Judah was born in Alaska in 1997.

The summer of 2013 he spent in Zambia with Teen Missions International and in the summer of 2014 he spent in Guatemala. Judah attended Central Washington University and graduated at 19 years old with a B.A. in Law and Justice and a minor in Spanish. He began training at the Washington State Patrol Academy in the fall of 2018 and graduated in June 2019. He is now a commissioned Washington State Trooper.

Tilly and Jared's wedding was so perfect. And so them! Arty Couture Album Review.

Tilly was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1998 and has dual citizenship.

Tilly was our first baby born at home. She spent two weeks in Colombia in October 2013 helping teach local women to knit and crochet. She spent the summer of 2014 in Malawi drilling a well to provide fresh water to a remote village. Tilly is a talented photographer who blogs sporadically over at The Canadian American Kiwi. Tilly married Jared in 2017 and lives in New Zealand. Their son, Abel, was born in June 2019, and their daughter, Juniper, in February 2021.

Enoch and Emma denim

Enoch was born in Washington in 2000.

Enoch was our first baby born in Washington State. He became an Eagle Scout in 2017 and enjoys reading, rifle shooting, and playing water polo. He spent the summer of 2015 with Teen Missions in Tanzania, East Africa. He paid his own way through college, earning a Bachelor of Science in business leadership and management at Central Washington University. He graduated in the top 3% of students in the business school. Enoch currently works as an EMT and is engaged to the love of his life, Emma.

Kalina and Frodo summer 2020

Kalina was born in 2001.

Kalina holds the proud distinction of being our only blue-eyed child. She loves reading, swimming, writing poetry, and playing the ukulele. Kalina was diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss at age 12 and wears a hearing aid. She spent the summer of 2017 on a mission trip to Peru and the summer of 2018 drilling wells in Zambia. She earned her high school diploma and associate degree at Whatcom Community College. She works at Dairy Queen and as Home Care Aid.

Mordecai loves cats, video games and animal

Mordecai was born in 2002 with amniotic band syndrome.

He was the first child we adopted and joined our family at 4 weeks old. He loves anime, pasta, and anything electronic. Mordecai is a talented artist and an amazing LEGO designer.

Jubilee class of 2021

Jubilee was also born in 2002.

She was born just seven weeks after Mordecai joined our family. They have grown up as “twins.” Jubilee dislikes math, and school, and has cheerful smiles in the morning.

Hezekiah was born in 2004.

He is an old soul and a thinker. He plays the clarinet in the school band and enjoys cross country. You are likely to find him off by himself absorbed in a book, drawing designs for a spacecraft, or building with LEGO. Hezekiah is working hard at a local garden over the summer.


Avi was born in 2005.

She joined our family when she was just 3 days old. Her claim to fame is having been born in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Avi is loud, vivacious, and full of personality! She is a freshman in high school who loves pigs and Grey’s Anatomy.

Tucker smiliing at the Nooksack Rivier.

Tucker was born in 2005.

He was born just 3 1/2 months after Avi joined our family. They are our second set of “twins.” Tucker is loud and wild and loves building with LEGO bricks and playing the trumpet. He excels academically and is currently homeschooling his freshman year.

Apollo at waypoint part downtown Bellingham

Apollo XIV was born in 2010.

Apollo was delivered by emergency c-section after I experienced a cord prolapse at home. He was born with a double aortic arch, a rare congenital heart defect, which was repaired in March 2012. Apollo has had seven surgeries and had a feeding tube for 4 1/2 years. He enjoys playing with LEGO, baking, and reading. Some of his favorite books include The Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter.





  1. Hannah Babiak

    I have three adopted children from Liberia along with 7 biological children. One of our sons just headed off to Job Corps. I’d love to hear how your children are doing at Job Corps.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Hannah- our kids are doing great! Keziah (19) has one more test to take and then will have her GED. Boaz (17) is working on his High School Diploma and plans to join the military when he graduates. Ezra (19) just started but seems to like it.

  2. Cherridon

    Your children are beautiful! Jubilee is not a common name, but SO beautiful! My oldest daughter’s name is Jubilee Ohannah – her twin brother is Asher Othaniel. Their younger sister is Senona Joy… I pray the Lord’s blessings on you and your lovely family!

  3. Angie

    I have enjoyed your blog. I live in the Houston area and wish I would have been able to helped you out when you were here. Feel free to email me if you find yourself in need to come here again and perhaps I can be of some assistance.

  4. Jenny

    Thank you so much for sharing your family with the world. It absolutely shows that you and your husband have very big hearts! I was searching for a kale recipe on Pinterest and somehow ended up at your site which then piqued my interest and I was curious about the 14 children as this always amazes me since I can’t quite fathom squeezing out one! I have plenty of time though. I’m curious to know how your youngest is doing and why there is not more positive things written about him. Has he overcome some of his health issues? Has he taken any interest in some small joy or creation in life? Please feel free to email me personally – Oh ya, and I still was searching for the kale recipe for my own blog =)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thank you for the comment. Apollo is now taking only 2 tube feeds per day, down from 4 since his last surgery in October 2012. Good luck with the kale!

  5. Anne

    Hi ,
    it just occurred to me that Apollo shares his number (XIV) with Louis XIV the most famous King of France. His reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest of monarchs of major countries in European history (quote from Wikipedia). It must be a good omen for Apollo !

  6. Alicia A. Carlson

    So cool to see another Keziah. Our Keziah (just turned 3) was adopted from Ethiopia as an infant. She sat on my lap while we scrolled through the kids’ pics and bios. She was very excited to see another Keziah-and one that looks like her.

  7. lori

    I saw where mordecai had surgery on his fingers. Would you happen to have any before and after pics. I’m getting ready to go through with surgery with my grandson.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Lori- I do but this was before the digital age, so they are in our family scrapbooks. Sorry I can’t be more of a help.

  8. Celeste

    I loved reading about your beautiful family after your post on the TMI FTM page. I just wanted to tell you that your daughter’s head leaders on the Malawi team are a *wonderful* couple! I had the privilege of going through leader training with them in March and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. (Right up till the night they arrived pre-Boot Camp and were camping out in the office–before having to turn in their phones the next day. 🙂 ) I’m so excited about the work the Malawi team will be doing! Your daughter’s team has a prayer partner here in Michigan (soon to be Ecuador)! Blessings on your family…

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Celeste- I shared this will Tilly and it made her so happy. Good team leaders make such a difference.

  9. dsierra

    What a beautiful family! It’s obvious that there’s a lot of love to go around. You are all truly blessed to have each other. I haven’t read previous posts, this is the first I’m reading about your family and blog. If the children were previously homeschooled, why are they attending public school now. And you’re right about some kids being mean, but so are some teachers. I’m just curious because I only recently started homeschooling my son and took him out of public school. They both have good and bad points as I’m sure you are aware. Thanks

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for asking! I have ten children at home right now and four of them have special needs. I am running one or more of them to various appointments at least three day a week and often more. Me constantly being gone has taken a toll on the whole family and it breaking up homeschooling too much. We decided a regular routine and consistent learning was what is best for them right now. You might also find this helpful:

  10. Michelle Tanner

    Tilly has “duel” citizenship? LOL

    duel = arranged, regular combat between two private persons, often over a matter of honor (among other meanings)
    dual = double (among other meanings)

    Who used to check the kids’ spelling when they were still homeschooled?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Ha, ha! Thanks, I’ll fix that. Though some days duel is probably the right word for it.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Because here on the blog I tell the story of our family. Putting that info on the Meet the Kids page means I don’t have to respond to dozens of emails per week asking about it.

    • Janet

      Kate, I have 11 kids with another due in June. Three of mine are adopted, and I always point it out when I introduce my family. My oldest daughter was adopted at age 17 from foster care. I’m less than 14 years older than me. She looks a lot like me and wants to be identified as adopted for two main reasons. 1) She doesn’t want people to judge me and think I was a teen mom and more importantly, 2) She sees it as her chance to educate the world about foster adoption of teens. She knows that there are many teens aging out of foster care without families. She wants to make people think and hopefully soften a heart or two and give another teen the opportunities she had.

      My 2nd adopted child falls right toward the middle. He is now 11, but was 6 1/2 when we adopted him. He is Hispanic, the rest of the kids, (except my younger adopted son) are Caucasian. He spent several years in foster care, including two years in a home where some kids had been adopted from the system and other kids were still in foster care. Being the “adopted” child was a badge of honor. When I wouldn’t mention it, he would become really upset because he wanted to whole world to know he was really, permanently a part of our family, not just passing through. We’ve continued to honor that even as he has gotten older.

      My 3rd adopted child is three. He is also part Hispanic, adopted through a private infant adoption. It fits naturally to include him as one of the adopted kids and I’m sure if he was old enough to ask, he would be thrilled to be part of that “special” group with his older brother whom he adores. It doesn’t make him feel any less a part of the family, but it does keep that part of his story out in the open and his adoption will never come as a surprise or big revelation to him.

      I have met many people who are quick to judge negatively because I point out the adoptions, but it is what is best for my family and best for the kids involved. And like my daughter, I hope that someday hearing my children’s stories will make another family reach out and welcome an older foster child into their home. It isn’t always an easy path, raising children never is, regardless of how they come into your family. But it is SO, SO worth it.


  11. Lynn

    Hi, I came for the scones recipe and got waylaid reading your story. I had a son with cystic fibrosis, and have 2 grown-up dtrs. And I have an LVAD. Hey, it will be OK. <3

  12. JJ

    I think it is so neat that Iris became a doula when she was only 14. My daughter, age 12, is fascinated by labor/delivery and hopes to be a LD nurse someday. She is always asking me about how she can learn more now but I’m not sure how to teach her all of that at such a young age. How did you start with your daughter?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Like your daughter, Iris was always interested in birth. When I was pregnant with Apollo, a friend recommended she take the doula class at Bastyr University. We signed her up (never mentioning her age) and she did a fabulous job and earned her certificate!

  13. Leah

    I love your blog. I signed my stepkid up for college at 15 and I don’t regret that decision.
    Although I had to delay her starting until last year it made no difference. She loves it and is about to start her second year in September. Then we have the twins currently aged 2 years 7 months old. Your family inspires me. My step daughter loves her little stepsister and stepbrother. She babysits and tutors them for extra cash during vacations.
    She also drives them to their swimming lessons if we are busy with personal or work commitments. She tells them stories and entertains them. Yesterday I saw her help them do a simple puzzle on the living room floor. It was so sweet really.

    • Renee

      Glad to hear we’re not alone. Our kids have done great starting at 16! Isn’t it the best to see siblings genuinely loving and caring for one another?

  14. Tonya Beyer

    Hi! We’re a home schooling family of 12, (down to 5 in home). I came across your blog several years ago, but got too busy to keep up (we moved houses 6 times in 7 years, across 4 states, and our youngest was born with Down Syndrome 5 years ago.). Just remembered you all and decided to check in. Good to see you all! Thanks for keping this going-it’s encouraging to see other large families thriving. 🙂

  15. Lisa

    I showed this page to my older children – my ten-year-old is named Elena Jubilee and she is often called by her middle name. She was super excited to see a Jubilee!

    I love your kids’ names. They are very unique.

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