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The Coffee Shop

20100903_5864 blog
Tucker age 4 

There's this coffee shop in town that I've only been to once before. Usually when Hilary, Diane and I go out for Grump Therapy its at Starbucks. Starbucks is good. Their products are consistent. They have nice comfy chairs. They don't mind how long we sit and sip. We like Starbucks. 

The thing is by the time we met for coffee on Thursday night (I had to stop for gas and a trip to Fred Meyer first) our Starbucks was already closed. Apparently they're remodeling it and closing at 8 PM every night for a while.

So we had to go to this other coffee shop. I wasn't particularly thrilled about heading to this other shop because the only other time I've ever been there I wasn't happy with the experience. I was pregnant with Apollo and feeling sick. I was nauseous and looking for something that might settle my stomach.  After looking at the menu (which in and of itself bothered me- no prices of any non-drink items. I hate that. If I'm buying a sandwich, muffin or bagel, I want to know how much it costs) I settled on a banana smoothie. The lady made my drink and I went and sat down. I was shocked when I took my first sip…this wasn't a smoothie, it was an ice based drink with banana syrup in it! An okay drink perhaps, but most definitely not a smoothie. Does a smoothie not, by definition, have dairy products in it? And seriously, who makes a smoothie with banana syrup instead of an actual banana? 

I brought the incident up to Diane and Hilary as we were heading of to the coffee shop. I was really just joking because it was a one time incident and hey, I learned my lesson: don't order a smoothie there.

So this night I decided to get a bagel. There were three in the display case and I was hungry. When I went up to order the lady said, "I'm sorry, we're out of bagels". I involuntarily glanced over at the display case. Okay…I guess those bagels were for display only. So I asked, "what do you have?" She gave me a disgusted look like I was causing trouble…"We  have everything…just not bagels".

It seemed like a reasonable question to me. I mean, I saw bagels, ordered on and was told they were out. Why should I just assume everything else in the case was available? 

So I ordered a poppy seed muffin…which she pulled out of the case and put on plate for me. 

"Can I get a cup of brewed de-caf?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, we don't serve de-caf at this time of night" she  answered.

Apparently this coffee shop only serves de-caf in the mornings… 

After a moment she offered to make a de-caf Americano and I accepted (glancing around for the hidden cameras I was sure must be there). 

As she was making my drink I looked over and saw Hilary across the room barely able to contain her laughter. Obviously me and this coffee shop just don't get along.

I don't know what to say. I've been to this coffee shop twice now. And both were bad experiences…

Don't worry Starbucks, I'll be back. Just as soon as your remodel is finished.


  1. Lou

    Yes, a smoothie must have milk, and no it canNOT have syrup. Gross, man. See, I would have said “oh, ok, I can’t have those bagels but I can have other things sitting in the shelf. I just couldn’t tell which ones I could have and which ones I couldn’t. Silly me.” And then looked at her with a straight face. Oh, ok, I wouldn’t have. But I’d fantasize about doing that.

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