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Hezekiah Grows Up

20100908_5969 blog copy
Can anyone guess what happened here yesterday?

20100908_5968 blog
Did you know, Legos are not only a great toy, and educational tool, but they also work as wedges to pull barely-loose-six-year-old-teeth! Hezekiah was kind enough to prove the point for us during school time yesterday.

And not only that, but he headed to the bank to cash his very first check…

20100908_5973 blog
*photo taken on my iphone* 

Yup, we headed to the bank to cash the children’s checks from the fair. Chuck and I both use a small locally owned bank for our businesses and boy was I glad yesterday. We were the only patrons in the bank which was good thing, since none of the three children with checks had ever cashed one before. I consider nearly everything a “learning experience” and this certainly qualified. I had each child go up to the teller and tell them they wanted to cash their checks, etc, letting them handle the entire interaction.  {Don’t forget, these are unsocialized homeschoolers who will never learn to cope in the “real world” without school}

I don’t think I’ve seen many things cuter than a six year old with a missing tooth approaching the bank counter which he could barely see over and saying, “I’d like to cash my check…and can I get three one dollar coins and a half dollar?”

Unless it was then seeing him painstakingly sign the back of the check…

Or maybe the cutest thing was noticing this:

20100908_5975 blog
I inspected the children before we left the house to make sure everyone was combed and dressed. As Hezekiah walked out the door I snagged the price tag off his brand new jeans. It wasn’t until we were at the bank that I noticed the size tag was still on the back. Oops. At least he was clean!



  1. Elisabeth

    He’s holding up a dollar while displaying his missing tooth… does that mean you guys do the Tooth Fairy thing for your kids? Just curious. 🙂
    Which also makes me wonder… is Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny at your house too?
    He’s so cute. Just wait until the two front top teeth fall out… for me, that’s the most adorable stage of tooth losin’!

  2. Renee

    No tooth fairy…were much more pragmatic around here. I simply handed him the dollar in exchange for his tooth! And nope, Santa and the Easter bunny dont visit either…

  3. Lucy

    I’d like to reassure you, that I, as a grown up “unsocialised” homeschooler, have never had any problems cashing cheques as an adult. I really don’t know how I manage to cope in the “real world” without school!! 🙂

  4. jo

    I own a small business and I think it helps my kids, but really having them take care of their own “finances” has played a bigger role in them understanding business. Today my son spent his allowance in the store by asking me to step out, on flowers for me… I cried only a little at the sweetness of it. I do wonder tho, the pic with the blue jeans tag, why wont MY childrens jeans stay up without a belt??? Very cute pictures…

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