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Hezekiah Earns Wolf Rank {Cub Scouts}

Nine year old Mordecai was on Color Guard at our Pack Meeting last night. Look how confident he looks! A far cry from his Tiger year when he was six…

Hezekiah happened to be on Color Guard last night too.

This is for you, Carolynn.

Mordecai and three of his fellow Webelos wrote a puppet show, worked on the puppet theater, made their own puppets and performed at last night’s Pack Meeting.

I was very proud of Mordecai, who read his lines loud and clear. I have to say, I was dreading this. His fellow Webelos came to our house twice to work on the puppet show and practice. And Mordecai, who was grumpy because I wouldn’t let him play his brother’s DS, curled up in a ball in a chair and refused to participate. He grumped. And fell over in his chair several times. He refused to participate. He refused to talk to his friends. In short, it was completely humiliating for me. It’s hard to be “that mom” with a child who is angry, ungrateful, and hard to control. But I am. After the second meeting, I was ready to call it quits. Why go through the pain and drama of Scouts at all?  And then he pulled it together and surprised me at the Pack Meeting.

And finally, Hezekiah earned his Wolf Rank. It has been very difficult to work on scouting with him. All of my time is consumed with Apollo right now, so I set a deadline for myself, knowing if I didn’t it would never get done. And we managed to finish. And he was so very proud.


  1. Jo

    Congrats to your boys! I am sure it is a lot to keep up with. I have only 2 kids and I can hardly keep up with 4h right now after our move. You have a lot more going on with Apollo and, well the fact that you have a lot more children! you look great by the way, I am glad that someone took a photo with you in it.

  2. ssmazzon

    Good Job Bergeron famiy! Don’t be hard on yourself…you are just trying to get through each day … day at a time. Breathe in …Breathe out….and pray! You are doing a great job with ALL of your children…they are loved and well cared for!
    My Cade who is 11 has his 3 day work up at Children’s hospital in Minneapolis ( 5 hours ….one way from our rural U.P. town) for his kidney disease ( and lack of growth and weight gain issues)…my anxiety level is slowly creeping up…..pray for us too! Thank you!

  3. Jodee

    I’m so glad to see pictures of Shawn with your boys! He used to work for my brother years ago. What a small world! Great job boys!

  4. Anna

    It’s so wonderful to see the old Tigers all grown up as Webelos! Ian had fun recognizing his old den mates. There just isn’t anything as nice as that pack down here, but we “do our best.”

  5. Echo

    You will always be “that mom”. You know the one who loves her kids and spends thousands of hours pouring herself out for them. That is the mom your kids are so blessed to have.

  6. Carolynn

    Hi Renee!
    Thanks for the great photo! I love it! I do seem to be rather neglectful with the camera lately. I will just tell my children to look at your blog!
    I had no idea that Mordecai had any problems with practice! Great job persevering.
    I wish that Apollo’s stuff resolved itself. You are still in our prayers. I could always hook you up with Ruby and they could eat cat food together!

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