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Pi Day of the Century Recap

Cupcakes for Pi Day


This weekend we hosted a Pi Day celebration with a few friends, my in-laws and parents. Tilly made us these adorable math-themed cupcakes. snacks for pi day

Okay, so these are little swirly cakes, but there is math symbolism here too, am I right? The golden spiral and all that?snacks for pi day

Hezekiah made this clever Pi symbol out of pretzel dough. And if you flip it over it says, “Pi”. snacks for pi day

Little girls crocheting


Avi has developed a sense of empathy and affection for younger kids. In fact, when she behaves in school and finishes her work, she get to help out in the Kindergarten class at school. She loves Abigail and loves to take on the caretaker role.little girls crocheting


Three-year-old Abigail sat next to her mama and “crocheted”. It was so adorable. While Tami was busy knitting, she gave Abigail a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. Abigail was completed absorbed in her work and so proud of it. pi-7716


And Apollo? Well he’s looking way too grown up these days…don’t you think?pi-7718Ah, my beautiful children. Always so kind, respectful and obedient. 

Keep sweet, Tilly!

We kept our party low-key. Okay, not really, there were 17 kids in the house and it got really loud and rowdy. What I mean is, we kept the party low-pressure. We all pitched in for the food, we had  a few simple games and we reveled in each other’s company.

Pi Day Snacks:

Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie and Chicken Pot  Pie (all made by Enoch)

Pizza Pie (brought by friends)

Pi shaped pretzels, Pi cupcakes and cookies. Fibonacci swirled chocolate cake, orange triangles.

Pi Day Games and Activities:

My friend Crystal headed up a competition to see who could quote the most digits of Pi. The kids earned candy based on how many they could say and the top three won a prize (keeping with the theme, the prizes were calculators and colored dice). Jubilee quoted 60 and Avi over 50!

We did the Pi  Skyline art project and Tami brought supplies for the kids to make Pi beaded necklaces ( each digit 0-9 was assigned a color).  My kids loved this so much they were still working on it when she left. We also had some Pi worksheets I printed off and some Pi riddles and jokes.

I got to cuddle with sweet Odin…and then snuck him off for a few photos…

Over all, we had an awesome time with friends.

Did you celebrate at all? Did you at least eat pie???


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