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KittyCorn & Sam’s First Word: Fun New Pictures Books to Enjoy with Preschoolers

Itty-Bitty Kittycorn is a fun twist on the unicorn craze.
Two fun new picture books for preschoolers

It’s no secret that unicorns are all the rage and kids love to talk about poop. That is why these two new picture books for preschoolers will be loved by your kids. Kittycorn and Sam both have a problem…and both have creative solutions. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did.

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Itty-Bitty Kitty Corn

by Shannon Hale Illustrated by Leuyen Pham 

Itty-Bitty Kittycorn is a fun twist on the unicorn craze.

What’s cuter than a kitten and more fun than a unicorn? A Kitty Corn, of course! 

This fun and colorful book starts out with the line, “Kitty thinks she might be a unicorn”. 

Itty-Bitty Kittycorn is a fun book all about living your dreams.

She is proud to be a unicorn…unfortunately, none of her friends agree. They all insist she is a kitty. Then one day, Kitty meets a real unicorn and “feels no bigger than a ball of lint”.

Itty-Bitty Kittycorn is sad

She begins to slink away disappointed until the unicorn confesses that he is actually a kitty-corn and a beautiful friendship blossoms. 

Itty-Bitty Kittycorn shows the value of dreams and friendship.

This book is fun and silly and full of adorable illustrations. A fun addition to any preschool library.

Unicorn Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Don’t just read the book about Kittycorn, continue the learning with these fun activities.

Rainbow popcorn made with JELLO

Make Rainbow Popcorn for a snack. Must Have Mom has the recipe on her site. This is rainbow popcorn we made for one of our LEGO parties.

Kitchen Table Classroom has DIY Unicorn Headbands you can download and print.

Art Craft and Fun has a template for adorable Unicorn Finger Puppets.

Sam’s First Word

Everyone in the family wants newish baby Sam to say their name first. They use every trick in the book. Whispering to Sam, singing to Sam, telling Sam stories, and writing Sam poems…but no one is paying attention to baby Sam until she says something that really gets their attention.

Sam is eager to say her first word...but noone is listening

I guarantee your toddler will love the surprise ending to this book and beg you to read it again and again. 

Sam's First word is perfect for potty-training

This book features a caucasian family along with their neighbor Mr. Theotopolous. This book also contains lost of pictures of Sam after she strips off her pajamas and diaper. If your kids are anything like mine, they will delight in these illustrations and giggle as you read it.

Sam's first word...will anyone listen?
Sam is ready to say her first word but noone is listening.

Sam’s First Word is written by Bea Birdsong and Illustrated by Holly Hatam. Both women believe in using books to empower and forge new connections. And I believe in using books to enlarge the world for our children and nurture relationships as you read together.

What are your kids’ favorite picture books?


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