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Tonsillectomy as a Teen: Hezekiah’s First Surgery

Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

Tonsillectomy as a Teen: Hezekiah’s First Surgery

Hezekiah has always been a chill guy. He was a dream baby, a laid back brilliant toddler, a happy go-with-the-flow kid. Basically, the polar opposite of his younger brother, Tucker. If every kid was like Hezekiah, ou we would really have an overpopulation problem.

One thing I have noticed over the last year or so is that while he has always been chill, he seems to lack the energy you would expect in a 14-year-old boy. Hezekiah had to go to the doctor for a check-up and I mentioned the lack of energy. After a thorough conversation, the doctor suggested he may have sleep apnea. Hezekiah has always had big tonsils and misses at least a week of school every year for tonsilitis. A visit to the ENT confirmed they were big and bad and we made a plan to have them removed.

Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

After bringing up the idea of a tonsillectomy, Hezekiah told me (and the doctor) he has a hard time breathing when he lays on his back. He also can’t breathe through his nose. I think the tonsillectomy is going to be a game changer for this cross country runner.

Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

Unlike his brothers, Enoch and Apollo, Hezekiah did not wake up immediately after surgery. He napped like a normal person who has undergone a general anesthetic. Then he awoke, disoriented and groggy and asked to see his tonsils a dozen times because he kept forgetting he had looked at them.

Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

Interestingly, unlike Mordecai’s tonsillectomy which was done at the surgery center and Apollo’s which was done at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Hezekiah’s were removed right in the doctor’s office (in an OR, obviously).

My dad SAVED THE DAY by picking up Hezekiah’s prescriptions and dropping them off at the pharmacy for me. This way we were able to go through the drive-thru and pick them on our way home. Then Hezekiah asked if we could drop by  Dairy Queen. So we did. He got a hot fudge sundae and fries to go along with his drugs.Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

Hezekiah’s recovery has been amazingly smooth. He is in pain, yes, but has slept all night (not waking up for pain meds) every night since he’s been home. In the morning his is taking a higher dose of pain meds to knock back the pain. Today, day five, we will begin weaning him to a potent pain killer. He is still out of school, but celebrated today’s snow day, since that meant one less day of missed school. Tonsillectomy as a Teen What to expect for recovery.

Hezekiah, being Hezekiah is easier recovering from surgery than several of my other kids on a normal day. He doesn’t make demands, he is easy to please, and chill.

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