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Hezekiah Plans His Life


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Yesterday I had this delightful conversation with five-year-old Hezekiah.

Hezekiah: When I’m a grown-up man, there’s going to be just one other person in my house.

Me: Oh really?

Hezekiah: Yes, just me and one little boy. I’m going to adopt a little boy.

Me: What are you going to do with your little boy?

Hezekiah: Well, I’m not going to have so much money, but if he wants a war helmet or dress up clothes, I’m going to buy them for him.

Me: Are you going to have a wife in your house?

Hezekiah: No.

Me: Who’s going to take care of your little boy while you’re at work.

{Hezekiah looks up at the ceiling deep in thought.}

Hezekiah: I’m going to have his grandmother come over and take care of him.

Me: Who’s his grandmother going to be?

Hezekiah (with a huge smile): You!


  1. Susie

    How adorable! I guess he doesn’t realize that there will be a whole lot of grandchildren to watch… but I guess he’s got to call dibs on your grandmothering services now, twenty-something years before they are needed. 🙂

  2. Faith

    I’m looking for the post of when you did the candy in the snow like in the Little House books. I can’t seem to find a search feature on your blog. Would you please tell me how to search or to sent me the link?

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