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Always Avi: The Girl Who Was Made of Superlatives

Four year old avi

Avi is full of beans spunk, energy and enthusiasm. She doesn’t do anything halfway. Spend five minutes with her and she’s likely to have you laughing. She’s not the type of girl you can ignore- even for a moment.

Avi’s favorite phrases at age four:

Anything that begins with…

*why do I always… have to clean my room?

    *why do I always…have to sit at the table?

*why do I alwayshave topick up my shoes?


* why can I neverlook at books?

* why can I never drink water?

* why can I never sit on the couch again?

The couch question was most recently asked after I told her to get off the couch since she had been standing on her  head and repeatedly kicking her siblings in the head- despite their asking her to stop.

A dozen times a day she comes up to me and says, Mama, are we going to church this day?


Mom, are we home now? Asked whether we are at home, school, the library, or anywhere.

To Keziah: “You have to call me a Princess! I’m going to ask Mama…See, I’m a Princess!

Mom, can I drink your coffee?

I guess you’re not my friend! – said when she is mad at anyone, for any reason

Ladies First! See, Mama said so.

 She loves to say anything that begins with See…and ends with…I told you!

    * If she’s mad at Jubilee she will say, “See, Ziah, Jubilee’s not a princess, right?”

    * If she’s mad she’ll start a sentence with, “I’m never gonna…

…get out of bed

…eat my food

…look at books


And that’s just a start, my friends. Avi truly is, one of a kind!


  1. Kari

    Our 4 yr old darling is doing the “I told you” thing too. The first couple times oh isn’t that cute, when it becomes the ending argument for everything it loses it’s charm. It is funny how they start exploring their sense of independence and humor at this stage! And for better or worse remember, this too shall pass…

  2. Delia

    She’ll be CEO of a Fortune 500 company someday -or some other powerful position in which lots of people have to do her bidding. She’s just practicing on her family members at this time. The photo of her is goregeous.

  3. Dorothy

    My 4 year old likes to ask me questions about things I know very little about. Like how the car works, what they use to color crayons. One day she asked me several questions, which I said I did not know the answer to, then asked me “mom, why don’t you know anything?”

  4. Beth

    How do you pronounce her name? My daughter is Ave pronounced short a v and long a. She was named after a woman with the same pronunciation but spelled Avi with a hypen over the i. She is also 4.

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