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Life According to Avi: The Time the Ambulance Came to Kill Us

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Photo by Tilly

Four-year-old Avi is full of life, bright, spunky and happy. But boy oh boy, does she give us a run for our money. I’ve made it through many a day by reminding myself “you survived this with Adalia and Enoch, you can survive it again”.

She’s one of those children who make you laugh and cry, all in the same moment.

A few weeks ago at the library, I had her standing by my side while I looked up a book on the computer. At a table next to us two very large twelve or thirteen-year-old boys were talking. One must of said they were hungry because pretty soon Avi was saying:

“Hi Hungry, my name’s Avi, what’s your name? Hi Hungry, my name’s Avi, what’s your name? Hi Hungry, my name’s Avi, what’s your name?” 

Repeatedly in her loudest voice to these two boys.

Since there was no quieting her, I whisked her away to the other side of the library (her chanting the whole way) to find our book. While looking for our book, we heard the siren of an ambulance. Avi kept asking what that noise was (even though she knew full well) and what it was for. I kept answering her question “it’s an ambulance going to help someone who’s hurt”. She wouldn’t quit repeating her question, so finally, to distract her, I said, “what do you think it’s doing, Avi?”

“I think it’s coming to the library…to kill us all!” she answered, her eyes widening in mock fear.


Where does this child get these ideas?

She is so dramatic…these pictures I post of her. You think I pick the silliest ones to put up? No, she can’t look at a camera without pulling some goofy face.

One of her newest tricks is to repeatedly ask, “Mom, are we home now?” when we are out anywhere. We can be at the library, park, beach, driving in the van and every two minutes she will say, “Mom, are we home now?” Not are we there yet, or how much longer, but are we home? As if she’s never seen our house before and can’t identify it…

Oh, Avi. You give us a run for our money, but we wouldn’t trade you for the world.


  1. ali

    Kids do and say the funniest things dont’t they?
    We are going through the adoption process right now, and are just waiting for the phone call letting us know that we have been matched. I get even more excited about it when I read your blog! We are looking forward to joining the adoptive parents club.

  2. Nicole

    Hi, this isn’t really related to your post, but I was checking out your kids’ blog and I was wondering how much internet access you give them? How do you control that? Also, do your teenaged kids sometimes want gadgets and things that you don’t necessarily want to give them yet? I know my brother is constantly demanding some new iPod type thing or another.

  3. sarah rose

    My little Apphia who is about the same age as Avi would be able to relate to her dynamic personality. I have realized that God has gifted her with great leadership skills as I’m sure He has gifted Avi with that as well. =)

  4. Kristine

    Hey, congratulations on Mordecia’s homecoming day! If I remember right, (and I don’t really trust myself in that area) you brought him to Keepers that night! I remember being so surprised because I didn’t realize your adoption stuff was so imminent. He was so cute!! (Still is!)

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