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A Tumor​, Sores, and Dead Bugs

A Dead Bug? Or a Tumor?

For the last six weeks or so, Kalina has had a small sore next to her left eye. It began as a round red dot, which I  assumed was just a little cut. I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed it wasn’t going away. In fact, it seemed to be getting a tiny bit bigger. We watched and waited. When I asked Kalina what it was she said:

“Well, I felt a bump on my face and picked at it…and it was a dead bug”.

Umm…okay, whatever that means.

Kids are weird. Am I right?

So we waited some more. Thinking perhaps it was an infected bug bite or sore, we put hot compresses on it. No change.

Finally, I admitted defeat and took her to the doctor. The doctor also admitted defeat and sent us to a dermatologist.

Kalina with a small tumor next to her eye.

(Sorry, I don’t have a good before picture, because I didn’t realize it was going to be removed. I had to dig out this photo from nearly a month ago. The tumor had grown bigger than this)

Seeing the Dermatologist

Dermatologist Number One (we’ll call him Dr. M) examined it. It was kind of funny actually, he shined a light on it and pulled out a giant magnifying glass….he looked like a detective trying to solve a mystery. Which he was in a way, I suppose.

Dr. M asked if it would be okay if he had his colleague Dr. D come to examine it. I of course agreed. Now, Dr. M was very friendly and thorough. He could perhaps use a refresher course in bedside manner though. After asking if he could have Dr. D take a look he added,

Dr. is used to dealing with lots of cancers and facial tumors” as an afterthought, on his way out the door he added,

it’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Um, thanks.

Diagnosis: Facial Tumor

Within five minutes Dr. D came in and conferred with Dr. M. Dr. D diagnosed it as a benign tumor, the name of which I could neither understand nor remember. He recommended removing it. “We could leave it and see if it goes away…but it won’t”.

He went on to explain that this type of tumor was fed by blood vessels and would continue to grow as long and those vessels were functioning.

What Caused the Tumor on Kalina’s Face?

The tumor, he said, could be caused by a small trauma to the area. Sometimes the body begins the healing process and doesn’t get the signal to stop. Or it could just be a tumor. Either way, he felt it was likely to continue growing if left alone.

Dr. M recommended that Dr. D remove it, saying he had more experience.

Kalina after the tumor was removed from her face.

Dr. D numbed the area and cauterized it. It took all of about three minutes. Kalina was awesome, sat still through the shot and the smoking, smelling,  burning flesh. What a girl!

Kalina smiling after shehas her tumor removed.

Now we just have to keep it moist and covered until it heals.

Another reminder of just how blessed we are to live in a country where we have access to safe, effective, medical care.


  1. Naomi

    I bet I know who the Dr. M and Dr. D are. We really like Dr. D and don’t so much enjoy Dr. M. Glad that they were able to take care of it so easily. Sophie had something very similar on her outside heal. They actually took it out right there in the office and it’s never come back. Hope Kalina is feeling well.

  2. kris

    Good job Kalina! Here’s to smooth healing. Johnson & Johnson Advanced Healing pads work great but I’m not sure they make ones small enough for the face. I’ve used them for this type of wound but on my neck and back. Minimal scarring which is a miracle for me.

  3. Jo Abair

    Mederma actually works great, we used it. A number of herbal salves work as well, calendula, plantain. She is a stunning child, all of your children are truly nice looking. Each one has pictures on your blog that are just WOW! They are good looking in pictures, but there are just more wow than others like Jubilee in the desk and this last pic of Kalina. Nice…. Glad she is doing fine!

  4. Carrie

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who really noticed Kalina this time…I don’t remember seeing her before, to tell you the truth! And isn’t it amazing all the little things that can go haywire with the human body? Makes me appreciate what a miracle a healthy body truly is. Glad she’s doing well.

  5. amy

    Her dead bug comment interested me because earlier this year my daughter had a bump like that on her foot and our neighbor recognized it as bot fly- where a fly larvae actually does develop under the skin. I had never heard of this and might have doubted him until he pulled the larva out! Then we went to the pediatrician and got a prescription for antibiotics.
    when I googled it I found out that in some people the larva does develop into a bug under the skin. I had never heard of this before, and it is pretty much something that only happens in the tropics, but you never know.

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