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Making Sushi and Hanging with Family

The last couple of weeks we have had family in and out of the house.

The Bull Family

Our niece, Arianna, her husband Micah and baby Oakley have been traveling around Washington. They are missionaries who will be headed to Japan in the next couple of years. They were brave enough to spend a few days and nights here at our place.

I took their family photos while they were here. You can see them here.

Oakely and Kalina.

We have had so much fun hanging out, cooking together, watching movies, and getting to love on baby Oakley.

Black and white pictures of Oakley and Kalina.
Oakley in rainbow knit vest.
Oakley drinking coffee.

Oakley is truly a Bergeron…look at her sipping her mama’s coffee.

Oakley loving on the kittens.

At the beginning of the school year, I asked Hezekiah and Tucker to make a list of books they wanted to read, things they wanted to learn, and projects they wanted to try. Both let me know they wanted to learn to make sushi.

I ordered this sushi making kit (affliliate link) and hand been searching for recipes when I found out that Arianna was wanted to make sushi for dinner. It was perfect timing.

Sushi and tea on bamboo mat

Unfortunately, the boys were at Cross Country practice when the sushi-making took place, but at least now we have the equipment and now Kalina has the know-how. If you have any great recipes or resources, be sure to share them in the comments.

Homemade sushi
Sushi and tea on bamboo mat

And the boys were around to make candy sushi, something we’ve done a couple of times in the past.

Homemade candy sushi
Close up of candy sushi


  1. Monique

    Can you post the link to the sushi making kit? I tried the one in your post but it brings you to the family photos which are wonderful but not sushi 🙂

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