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New Zealand, Coffee with Runny Cream, and a Spot of Tea

teabloom bamboo infuser with a london fog

My list of Things To Do before heading to New Zealand seems to be growing rather than shrinking. I still have no social security card for my son and no new debit card for me. This week I have a meeting at the school, a dentist appointment for a child, photos to deliver, and bills to organize. I leave for New Zealand Friday afternoon.

Teabloom sent me this Bamboo Infuser to try. I received no compensation for this post.

Wooden eabloom pour over tea set.
Teabloom tea thermos.

As you know, coffee is my friend and partner through life. I drink coffee every single day (usually only one cup, but I enjoy every piping hot drop). I try to limit my coffee consumption due to the caffeine and the cream I add to it. Tea is my fallback hot beverage. I have two favorites, Market Spice and Moroccan Mint.

When Teabloom sent me this Bamboo Infuser Thermos, my children were confused about the process of making tea in it. “Why not just use a tea bag?” they asked.

“Remember how I’ve talked about when I’m in New Zealand and people offer me coffee? And when I say yes, they pull out a jar of Nescafe? And call it coffee?” The children’s eyes widened in horror as they nod, knowingly. “Well, in England, and other places where they drink tea, pulling out a tea bag is the equivalent to calling Nescafe coffee”. Now my children were horrified that I have been serving them tea made from (of all things) tea bags all of their lives. I am pretty sure they began to question the meaning of life and their very humanity. One may have even dropped out of school to pursue a life of crime (then again, maybe not).

Teabloom bamboo thermos with infuser.
These amazing cookies with my logo are from Stamped Sweets

Thus began my children’s introduction to the beauty that is tea brewed from loose leaf tea. I use this Teabloom Infuser Thermos nearly every day. I usually opt for Moroccan Mint to avoid extra caffeine. Avi asks me to make her tea on a regular basis. This thermos with infuser is so easy to use. I just add the tea to the infuser and pour hot water over top. I carry my thermos down to my work area and have piping hot refills whenever I need. them.

Teabloom bamboo thermos with Infuser

When I went to New Zealand for Percival’s birth, I requested coffee with cream on the plane. I was gently reprimanded by the 60-something flight attended who asked if New Zealand was my final destination. When I answered yes, he said, “Then you must ask for runny cream in your coffee. Not cream”.

Well then. Adalia said when she first moved to New Zealand she asked for cream in her coffee at a cafe. The waitress was confused but eventually came back with whipped cream for her coffee. But really, my best bet (when I’m not on a plane) is to order a flat white which is espresso with steamed milk. I can live with that.*

*plus, I never travel to NZ without a stash of Starbucks Via coffee for emergencies.

Do you have a never travel without it item? What is it?


  1. sara

    I’m not a tea or coffee drinker. Never heard of the infuser. Learn something new I guess.

    “no new debit card for me” FWIW, always ask for a courtesy (aka free) overnight shipment of your replacement cards. I’ve never been refused. As long as you haven’t been getting frequent replacements, most banks have an in-house policy to do this, up to once a year, upon request. The catch is you have to ask for it.

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