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Cute Avi and Baby Business

20100603_3444 blog

Avi, age 4

She’s a bit goofy, but she sure makes her dinner look good, doesn’t she? And I must say, the rain all winter long is totally worth the green grass that I get to use as the back ground in my photos all spring/summer….

I dreamed last night I had the baby…it was a boy. And when we announced his name, we had people saying, “Oh, I know a guy named that” etc. Which is only funny to me because I have never met (nor heard) of anyone by this name…now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are plenty of males w/ this particular name (its a big, wide world, after all)…I’ve just never heard of them….

And for the record, I think midwives and doctors should automatically add a week onto women’s due dates…to help us keep our sanity. I’ve had babies two weeks early, ten days early, eight days early, one day late and three days late….so I have no way to gauge this little one’s arrival…

And at the moment I really have the feeling the baby’s a boy…but since I’m always wrong, I suppose that means its a girl….unless now that makes me think its a girl, therefore, it must be a boy…

The goal for today: finish homeschooling paperwork and clear off the piles from my dining room counter…now I’m off to brew some coffee.


  1. JCF

    I completely agree on the due date comment! I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with my third (the first was a week early and the second was four days late), and my MIL keep asking me “Do you think you’re going to be early or late?” or “When do you think the baby will be born?” I’m planning a homebirth and won’t induce just for being past my due date, so I have no idea! She’s definitely not satisfied with my answer of “July 9, give or take two weeks on either direction” I kind of wish I had added a week onto the due date that I told her, just so she’ll relax!

  2. Davene

    The things you write remind me so much of how I was feeling last summer, as we awaited the birth of our 4th. (Is it a boy or a girl? When will (s)he be born? What will people have to say about our very unique name we chose for our baby? etc.) Sweet memories!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. There are a whole lot of people peeking into your world and getting more and more and more excited for you!! 🙂

  3. Emily G

    I was wrong with my daughter. I thought she was a boy. This one, I think is a boy. So it is probably another girl. I give up. I was giggling when I read what you wrote, though, because that is so me. It can only go one of two ways, but you can sure make a big deal out of it.

  4. Kara W

    I wish people could just accept that the baby comes on it’s own schedule. I’ve had all of mine at least a week early, but still get all the comments about when EXACTLY the baby is coming. Believe me, no one wants to meet baby more than Mama those last few weeks.
    My guess is that Opus is a boy. I’ve only been wrong once on my own children, but I have a crummy track record for guessing other people’s babies. I say boy because you have felt better than usual( until the past few weeks), baby isn’t staying in position, and having a girl would make the sexes even. I vote against a boy though because you picked a boy name you and Chuck both agreed on fairly easily.
    No matter when the baby comes and whether is a boy or a girl, this will be one of the most loved babies ever.

  5. Heather

    Well I desperately want a girl and we are done after having 2 boys so of course, everyone I know is having girls. My point is you better pick a girl name too!

  6. Jessi

    My midwife gave me a due “month”. Said “your baby will mostly likely come sometime in January. So when people ask my due date, I say January. My official due day, is Jan 15th, so it really is just likely sometime in Jan.
    I love how people expect you to predict the day. “I’ll be going into labor January 3rd at 5pm with an estimated arrival time of 8pm” Uh yeah, we don’t have a dialogue with baby to arrange dates and times.. it’s silly. 🙂

  7. Elizabeth

    Darn! I’d hoped the title meant the baby was here.
    For a couple of my later pregnancies, I ‘padded’ my dates a bit when giving them to my midwife. I tend to go to 42 weeks and got tired of them telling me how late I was. After three babies 2 weeks late I decided that’s just how long they cook. Figures that number four would come right on her due date!

  8. Jo Abair

    I am tired of this! I want something to happen. Please tell miss/mister opus that We ARE ALL WAITING! I dont watch movies to speak of, but this is like a suspense. I want to know…

  9. Ellen

    1 day to go. The way I look at it, is it can’t be possibly more then 2 weeks over due so perhaps 15 days or less is the way to say it?
    I keep checking your page waiting for the great news.
    Can your kids or husband let us know when you go into labor?
    I’m getting excited. I still think it’s a girl! 🙂 Well maybe a boy, but it “feels” like a girl to me. If one can “feel” anything long distance?
    Good luck! 🙂

  10. Karyn

    Dear Opus… You are causing your mom and dad trouble. You might be grounded as soon as you are here. Please come out to play!
    Renee… be pampered! You deserve it… looking forward to seeing Opus!

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