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Summer Solstice

Yes, I took the baby counter down…not because I'm holding my sweet baby, but because the darn thing starting counting up…yes, I went from having 2 days, to 1 day, to 0 DAYS, back to 1. Ummm, I don't think so. What kind of cruel trick is that to play on a hormonal woman??? A sick, sick, joke I tell you.

Nearly as cruel, I suppose, as me not blogging for two days….to make you, dear friends, assume I've given birth…or am giving birth…or something exciting. But no. The truth is, where my computer sits is terribly uncomfortable for me right now. And I haven't picked up my camera in days, or maybe a week…other than to make sure my battery is charged for the big event which seems like its never going to happen. Thats okay…I be pregnant forever…I don't mind. I'll just enjoy my baby from this vantage. I don't need to see her face…Or sleep at night. Or fit into clothes. Or walk. I'll just sit here and gestate…I don't mind. Really.

20100517_3064 blog 

So here's a weeks old photo of Judah, age 12.

Don't be fooled by the summer-like look. Its cold and cloudy out at the moment. But doesn't the photo look nice and summery??? And speaking of summer, Happy Solstice! If this were a normal year (read: not pregnant) we'd celebrate (hey, I grew up in Alaska, yes we're gonna celebrate the sun). But its not. So my children will just have to suffer.

20100517_3068 blog
And here's Enoch, 10, enjoying some watermelon. What you don't see is the entire series of photos in which he devours the whole piece- rind and all.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Filled with sun, smiles, and newborn babies.

Me, I'll just lay on the couch and gestate. I don't mind. Really.



  1. Mommaofmany

    I know the truth. You love it that I pop over every HOUR to see what’s going on, if anything. I imagine your stats are up dramatically! 😉

  2. Kate Alva

    Hang in there! And I guess a hidden blessing in all this yucky weather is that you’re not gestating in muggy heat….Hope to hear good news soon!

  3. Jenn

    The first thing on my mind this morning was reading your blog. Maybe you’re going for an all time record? Wouldn’t that be fun? Plan stuff, don’t succumb to just waiting or you’ll put yourself in the loony house. It can’t help that you have oodles of people in cyber world checking your blog every 6 hours(like me) and pitying you. Poor thing, we do. I always comforted myself with the fact that the midwives don’t let you go more than 2 weeks overdue, o.k., I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉 This is coming from someone who is ALWAYS two weeks over and know…your…pain.

  4. Tracy

    I remember when my ticker starting counting up last year and it did seem very cruel. It was my first time to go overdue.
    Too bad babies don’t read calendars (or tickers).
    Praying for a wonderful L & D for you.

  5. Delia Brands

    I feel your pain – I was overdue all 3 times – 8 days, 9 days, then 14 days…I had to be induced (by breaking my water) every time and still wonder what it’s like to go into labor naturally. My most overdue baby was the easiest labor, so there may be some silver lining in the end!

  6. Davene

    It DOES feel like forever, doesn’t it?
    I was going to say keep cool (because we’re sweltering over here), but I guess you are already doing that.
    Still praying for you as you come to mind!

  7. Jo Abair

    Ewww he ate the rind??? Thats what I heard, not that you are a poor miserable mama who desperately wants to give birth and will welcome sleepless nights for new reason. I heard, ewww, what a boy!!! My boy would do the same thing… this morning my daughter picked part of our breakfast from berry bushes, and came in with them and there were some tiny bugs on them which my son ate anyways with relish to make us grossed out…
    I hope you give birth soon! I am anxious to know if it be a girl or boy!

  8. Sarah

    This morning I was thinking about you, because #1 I was in the dreaded dentist chair, and #2 as I was feeling pain I thought “I’d rather give birth.”
    Later on, I thought of you again, when the Dentist said, “Well, this is worse than we thought it was. Would you like a movie?” So my half hour appointment was for 3 hours. I thought about all of the hours you’ve logged in a dental chair. However, Apple makes cool glasses you can plug into your Ipod to watch a movie. Hope all goes well on your birth!

  9. Renee

    Well it did cross MY mind that it would make a great girls name…but, alas, no luck yet. Did I mention in my blog I dreamed last night that the baby was blue-eyed boy???

  10. Stacy

    Call me crazy, but I think the whole baby counter thing is kind of funny. But NOT because you’re still gestating, because I DO get that you’re ready to be done and hold your little baby already! 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear the news!

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