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Summer 2020: Pacific Northwest Family

Labradoodle Frodo laying on his back like a goof

Is my blog dying a slow death? Sometimes it seems that way, even to me. I don’t want it to. I love this space where I share my thoughts, my family, my life. The thing is, life lately has given me about zero space to have the time/ability to write.

Since the lockdown in March, there are few places we can go to. No school, no escaping to Starbucks to work for a few hours, in peace. Very few visits to friends, or anywhere for that matter. Since my ten-year-old is high-anxiety is a dream come true for him and a nightmare for me (and from a healthy psychological point of view).

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Jubilee on swing in front yard.
Jubilee chilling on the swing in our front yard. Best purchase I’ve made in 2020.

I have a few minutes to write now from the comfort of my car as Jubilee get her wisdom teeth removed. I can’t even sit in the waiting room due to The Virus Which Shall Not Be Named.

So, the big news in our part of the world? Kalina (19) just moved out which leaves us with ONLY SIX KIDS at home. When we bought our house 17 years ago, we had seven kids, so this is the biggest house with the fewest number of children we’ve ever had. Not to mention I discovered a while back that SIX is the Magic Number when it comes to laundry. I can easily keep up with only six kids in the house, so there is a huge milestone met!

Well, my few minutes were short-lived. Jubilee woke up from the anesthetic angry and volatile. Now, I am home, watching over her as she bites down on bloody gauze.

Cheers from the Nut House!


I have some posts lined up (in my head) and a few partially written. Hopefully, I will be able to find a few minutes to actually finish them. So, since I love photography and capturing our daily life, I’ll share some images I haven’t shared on the blog before. I hope you enjoy.

Chungus Pig, one of Apollo's guinea pigs.
Chungus Pig- one of Apollo’s guinea pigs.
Kalina and Frodo summer 2020
Labradoodle Frodo laying on his back like a goof
Apollo's LEGO build.
Mordecai chilling under our crash pad
Mordecai loves deep pressure

Because I know someone will ask…this is a 5’x5′ crash pad we purchased a couple of years ago off of Amazon. The kids love it and Frodo thinks it’s his dog bed.

Mordecai loves the 60" platform swing by Legendary.
Mordecai loves the 60" platform swing by Legendary.

Our 60-inch platform swing was also purchased from Amazon. It gets used every single day.



  1. Laurie

    I wish we had a branch suitable for holding that platform swing that Mordechai and Jubilee were using in your photos, Rene. I was amazed when I saw the size of that branch it is hanging on though! Keep writing. I read every blog you write and enjoy every photo you take. My faves this blog were the protrait of Chungus-pig and the photo of Mordechai under the blue pressure blanket.

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