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Ezra’s New Do

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Ezra’s dreads are a officially a thing of the past! This young man has not had a hair cut since he arrived in the United States in October 2007. He got a job at Boy Scout camp, became a legal adult, and has settled on a new look. 

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I have always cut everyone’s hair in our family…but Ezra decided he needed professional help, and decided to pay for a barber to do it for him. All of Ezra’s money is hard earned and I’m so proud of his budding independence. He looks a bit dubious, don’t you think??? 

DSC_0137 blog
Handsome, no? 


  1. Jenn

    Wow – he just aged about 7 years! I can’t believe his dreads were *only* that long for that amount of time. He looks so handsome and grown. He has always had that look to him of confidence and surety. Not an impulsive young man, I’d guess, but contemplative. BTW, With my last two pregnancies I’ve added 14 days to my due date(in my mind). It’s not too late, right? Then you’d *only* have…16 days left. 😉

  2. Nancy

    Renee, I agree that Ezra looks great both ways. Each cut accentuates a different side of him. I think the change will help him to mark his transition from one phase of life to another and signal a step into greater emotional maturity.

  3. Josie

    It’s been said and said again, but he IS a handsome man! Both looks suit him very well, but he does look older and more mature with a shorter do. Way to go Ezra! Keep us posted on his “new life”, Renee!

  4. Jo Abair

    Yes but now the baby calendar has a day left, and yest I thought it said 0??? Did your baby back up a day? My prayers are with you also and I hope you have a wonderful birth.

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