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Tunnel Vision: Surviving 2020

Apollo sitting on top of the tunnel.
Apollo balancing on giant pipe.

This black pipe (or as well call it, The Tunnel) has been offering homeschool PE opportunities for my children since long before Apollo was born. Chuck brought it home from work one day (don’t ask me why…I married the man, I procreated with the man, I LOVE the man, but none of that means I understand the why’s behind the random crap treasures he brings home from work).

And to be fair…the kids love this thing.

Apollo in tunnel fall 2020.

It’s a place for daydreaming…

Apollo balancing on tunnel.

A place to learn balance…

Apollo balancing on giant pipe.

A place to comptemplate the meaning of life.

And so much more.

The kids stand on it and walk on it, like a giant barrel.

Apollo climbing up tunnel. Pnw kids

They tip it on it’s side and climb up it. They roll each other in it. They hide in it. And, CRAZIEST of all, they get inside and roll down the hill in it. Yeah, the big hill.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, toys are overrated…if not completely unnecessary. Kids needs space. Kids need to be bored. Kids need the great outdoors. Easier said than done, right?

Life Still Feels Crazy

Life still feels really crazy right now. I don’t even feel like I remember a before. All the kids are home all the time. Hezekiah is doing his first year of community college online…he’s never done online learning before. Jubilee has been struggling with online learning since March. My difficult kids are still difficult but there is no escaping them, them escaping each other…the only one who escapes is Chuck. Sometimes I’m surprised he comes home. Just kidding, we’re awesome of course he comes home.



  1. Rosie

    Of course you are awesome…though I have had the same thought concerning my husband, “If he was going to the office each day it could be so tempting for him to ‘work late’ fairly often.” 😀 Instead he is working from home currently, getting the full dose of their energies and us homeschooling, and I am the ones taking the kids out for hikes, for creek time, for bird watching, for any excuse to get out of the house and give him some quiet time.

    Yes, my kids, all 2 of them which seems miniscule comparatively, with ADHD and trauma history, are having trouble learning to stay out of each other’s spaces and to walk away when sibling just wants to argue. On the plus side according to one kid I make that action look easy. So so so glad we don’t have thought bubbles in real life.

    • Rachel

      “So so so glad we don’t have thought bubbles in real life.”

      hahaha You are so not kidding!

      We’re struggling with the all-on-top-of-each-other-all-the-time, too. And honestly, other than my husband, we already all WERE home most of the time (7 of us, total). But it’s still just different. Even just the few hours a week that were previously a regular a break from the monotony made a difference.

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