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University, Fish and Chips and Seattle

Contains Amazon affiliate link.homeschooler heads to university and lives on campus

Well, it’s official, Judah is now living on campus of Central Washington University.

You might have a large family if your university dorm room is significantly  bigger than the bedroom you shared at home with your brother. You might be from a large family if there a shorter line for the bathroom in your dorm, than at home. And you might be from a large family if you leave behind nine siblings who miss you…

Judah is a wee bit spoiled. As a perk of being in the honors college “living and learning community” he automatically gets the nicer, newer, air-conditioned dorm to live in. Studying hard and making good grades pays off, my friends. As does traveling overseas as a teen. Aside from giving Judah “practice” in leaving home, the university was very impressed with his world travel and service projects. 

snacks for university dorm life

Remember the College Survival Kit I packed for Judah? Well, here is part of it, stashed in his dorm room. Chuck and I both thoroughly enjoyed the process of buying his necessities. Walmart and Amazon have been our friends during this process. Once we arrived at the campus, we realized he didn’t have a good way to access the internet in his room. He has a laptop he’s been using for school since 2012, but the kids don’t hook them up to the internet (due to security issues, viruses, etc). So we came home, bought him a Kindle Fire and are having it shipped directly to him. Man, I love Amazon. I can’t wait to send him his first care package!

After we got Judah settled, Chuck and I headed to Seattle to celebrate (four months late) our 20th anniversary! Chuck knows I love Seattle and have been dying to stay at the Edgewater…you know, just the hotel the Beatles stayed in when they came to Washington in 1964. You have very likely seen the iconic image of them fishing out the window. That image was taken at the Edgewater. For a variety of reasons we chose not to stay in the Beatles Suite, but will sometime in the future. Fish and chips at The Fishermans in Seattle

After checking into the Edgewater, we strolled along the Seattle waterfront and then ate dinner at The Fisherman’s. Looking for some great fish and chips like we were? This is your place. Piping hot, flaky halibut without a drop of grease? Yes, please!

Pike Place Market, Seattle 

After dinner we went on the Seattle Great Wheel and walked back to our hotel. 

The next morning it was off to Pike Place Market, of course!

Pike Place Market

Restroom at Pike Place Market

All in all, it was a great weekend!

Judah is already missed by his family, but this is the natural progression of things. We raise our children to be their own individual selves. For Keziah, Ezra and Boaz, this meant gaining the skills to survive and thrive in a new country. For Adalia, this meant moving halfway across the world and immigrating to New Zealand. For Judah, this means pursing a degree in Criminal Justice. 

What does God have in store for Tilly? Enoch? Kalina? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to see!


  1. Meghan

    How did Judah do research papers, access online assignments, send school email etc. while he was in community college without internet on his laptop? I’m sure you guys have it covered, but not having a laptop that can access the internet while in college is kinda unfathomable to me. I don’t know that a kindle fire is going to cut it.

    Good luck to Judah! Very excited for him.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      He used the computer lab, or our computer at home. Before we started buying Apple laptops (for family use, the kids have cheaper laptops), we were going through them every 12-18 months. This was before I had thousands of photos and before I blogged. No matter what internet security they had, they were getting wrecked…In the interest of keeping the computers working as long as possible, we asked the kids not to hook up to the internet. This has worked well for us so far. He has plenty of internet access, just not on his laptop 🙂

  2. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Wow… it’s hard to believe… college?! Can I have one of those care kits?! lol

    I love Amazon too – especially when you think of those last minute things that could be a pain to seek out on your own. Just buy and ship directly. Pretty sweet deal (and I rely heavily on it during the Christmas season).

    Lovely pictures and it looks like a great weekend.

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