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Reasons Cross Country is the Best Sport Ever

Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family]

Why Cross Country is the Best Sport Ever

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you are probably aware that no one is going to confuse me for a sports fan.  I have a simple policy. I don’t watch, I don’t play. Except for baseball. I actually kind of enjoy that.

Since my kids homeschooled up until 2012 they didn’t play sports either. When my kids were younger they literally never asked to play sports, take dance lessons, or art classes.

I’m not sure why but it sure made life simple. Now, I don’t want you to think this means they were Unsocialized Awkward Homeschoolers. No way! I have proof that they were perfectly normal and social.

For example.

Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family]

There was, of course, the time they started the Chicken Foot Club. We were butchering chickens and turkeys with friends and the children found a wonderful, wholesome (organic!) way to entertain themselves. Science and fun, all wrapped up in one day of socializing with friends.

It was pretty awesome.

Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family]

And see, Judah and Enoch loved posing for photos in baseball caps, football jerseys from Old Navy and (Canadian) soccer balls.

Now that the kids are in school they occasionally ask to participate in sports. Jubilee was in Track and  Field last year and Hezekiah is running Cross Country this year. Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family]

These photos were taken at a Saturday morning meet a few weeks ago. It was this day that I realized that cross country is actually the Best Sport Ever.

Let me tell you why.

Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family] At this particular race, I dropped Hezekiah off with his team, set up a camp chair and read a book. This race took place at a wooded campground. We couldn’t even see the starting line of the race. Jubilee and I sat and read books until we saw guys emerge from the woods. Then I got up, walked to the finish line, and snapped a few pictures.

No need to watch a sport for hours worrying that I will miss a play. No need to memorize complicated (or simple) sports rules. I simply drop him off and cheer him at the finish line.

No need to freeze on Friday nights, fighting a crowd to watch a football game.

No early mornings and long days spent on crowded soccer fields.

For this non-sporty mom, it is perfect!Reasons why cross country is the best sport [large family]

I get full points for participation all while getting to read for an hour.

It’s awesome.

The other reason cross country is the best sport ever?

The races are run one afternoon a week. They take about an hour and we are home in time for dinner.

I only had to supply running shoes and black shorts, no expensive sports equipment.

My child can practice at home, alone.

So yes, Cross Country is the Best Sport Ever.

You should make sure your child plays.




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  1. Alicia

    As a former (and current runner) cross country athlete and the mom of 2 cross country athletes, I would have to agree about it being the best sport ever. I am athletic and I am competitive and I do love several sports (both to watch and to play)….I still think CC teaches and encourages athletes more than any other! Athletes are taught perseverance, determination, endurance, and respect. They gain compassion and respect. A fabulous thing about CC, everyone cheers for everyone. It doesn’t matter which team you are running for, or what place you are in, as long as someone is running, the spectators are cheering. Plus, the joke is that “there is no bench for Cross Country, for the athletes or the spectators”. At races, I am the mom running around (almost as much as my athlete) cheering and pushing to go harder. Thank you for this post….and great job Hezekiah, you picked the best sport ever!

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