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Home Birth and a Super Hero to the Rescue

A rather lousy weekend was redeemed by photographing a homebirth Saturday afternoon and doing a Superhero Project session Saturday night. Honestly, photography energizes and inspires me in so many ways. Dealing with insurance and sick kids and preparing two to spend the summer overseas (Judah and Tilly leave FRIDAY!), homeschooing and public schooling. It all came to a head Friday afternoon when my eleven year old son was crying in pain from his broken foot, I was dealing with ridiculous insurance policies and the woman at the x-ray clinic told me they “didn’t have any wheelchairs today“. At this point Mordecai had been hopping with a broken foot for hours (between it happening at school, us coming home, taking him to the doctor, then to the x-ray clinic). So I picked up my 86 pound son and carried  him in my arms. I got some strange looks, to be sure, but it was just ridiculous. Mordecai has been in pain on and off all weekend. He’s doing the normal things: ice, elevation, ibuprofen and also has pain killers for when it gets really bad. He has to go see our regular doctor this week and depending on how it heals, may need to see an orthopedic surgeon.


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  1. Liz

    “So I picked up my 86 pound son and carried him in my arms…….” Ok Renee…I think you need to book yourself a Super Hero photo appointment. Not sure I could have done that. Wow. The pics are great by the way.

    We work in hospitals….you can FIND a wheelchair…ugh…or a chair and push it.

    When I am having a rough time I think of you often…i am not putting you on a pedal stool…you are just a huge inspiration to me. You and your whole family.

    Hugs from Michigan!

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