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Create a Teen Period Survival Kit

Create a teen period survival kit

Post contains affiliate links to create your own teen period survival kit.

Large family photos, not easy but so worth the effort!

First, let me explain, I have six daughters. Six. SIX.

That’s a whole lot of estrogen and hormones going through our house every day. Planning your family? Here’s a hint: make sure and have a few boys along the way. Sure, they might get in the occasional fistfight, but they’re generally over it quickly and peace is restored. Girls? They tend to be a bit more dramatic and remember their fights. Like, forever.

Now let me set the scene.

Create a teen period survival kit

The following events are entirely true. The names have been changed to protect, well, everyone. 

In a lovely little house on a lovely piece of property in the lovely Pacific Northwest lived a lovely family with lovely children.

Okay, enough of that.

One day,  Child One was sitting in her room holding a tampon box (hey, it happens). Child Two walked in the room, took a quick visual survey and gasped in horror.

“Is that birth control?! I’m gonna go tell mom you’re using birth control! Hey, moooooooom.”

Don’t ask me what Child Two was thinking…or how she equated holding a box of tampons with “using birth control”.  I’m not even entirely sure she has the concept of why one would use birth control.

Thankfully, I was nowhere near (I was probably curled up in my room with chocolate and bonbons, watching Netflix on the big screen TV we don’t have).

Girling Up is a just-the-facts, straight-up, scientific answer to puberty and growing up. By Miyiam Bialik. It's perfec to include in your teen period survival kit.

It looks like I need to go back and re-read these books. Out loud.

DIY Teen Period Survival Kit

Anyway, as you can imagine we go through a lot of feminine products in this house. And worse than that? We live with a whole lot of estrogen-exerting females. It isn’t pretty. I have given a lot of thought on how to survive these difficult days each month, then had a brilliant epiphany. Remember our Teen Only Box? Well, what if we had a Raging-Hormone-Out-of-Control-Aunt-Flo-is-Visiting box? Only, maybe we’d call it something a little different. Like, I’d Rather Visit the Australia Zoo Wearing Nothing But A Bacon Bikini Than Stay Another Minute In This Room With You Box.

So recently I bought a cute little box and all the supplies needed to get through those difficult days.

What to pack in period survival kit.

Our Period Survival Kit Includes:

Electric Heating Pad. This one is super soft!

Ibuprofen and Midol.

Chocolate, Nutella, Oreo cookies

Hot chocolate and coffee mix

Coloring book


Gel Pens

Colored pencils (these are my favorite brand)

My whole purpose behind this period survival kit is simply to make those difficult days a little bit easier. Pain relief is important, but so is a bit of chocolate, somewhere to write and draw your thoughts, and maybe even a wee bit of coffee.


Do you have teen girls? How many? What is your survival game plan? 


  1. Carrie

    Three girls, only one in that stage, thankfully, we have a few more years before the younger two girls hit that stage. How do I survive her? I hide. Lol. I tell myself, I remind myself that this will pass and I pray for patience, lots of patience.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yeah, the whole idea is they grab the box and hide away for a while. Cause they are not in a rational state of mind!

  2. Lynn

    I have one girl and she will be my only girl. I hope to put together a kit like this too! Thanks for the list. You have given me ideas I hadn’t thought of.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      You are welcome. And be sure to comment with any other items, if you can think of more suggestions.

  3. Emily G

    My girls are 5, 2 and 1 and I grew up with 4 sisters so I know what I’m in for. This is such a cute idea! Beyond cute, actually-it might save a life. 😛
    I always grab a big chocolate bar for me when I know my monthly visitor is soon to appear, it would be a nice thing to do that for my daughters someday, too.

  4. Jessica

    I have two 15 year old girls. The majority of the time we do ok but I understand that 15-17 is challenging again so we will see.
    We usually manage periods with Netflix in their room and a baskin Robbins run one day. The girls are remarkably good at realizing they’re on edge or unreasonably moody/snappy and will say “I’m feeling bitchy and I want to kill all of you for breathing wrong. I’ll be in my room.”
    I accommodate by letting them have lunch there.
    But we aren’t done yet! We’ll see where life takes us.
    I am thankful my next two are boys though! I just have to hound them about leaving messes. Seriously have you seen the places they leave socks?!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, the whole idea of this came from my brainstorming how to survive. I understand how bad they feel…and understand they are irrational… So, a few comfort items for home, and hopefully they HIDE away and use them.

  5. Elizabeth

    Our girls are 3 and 11. 11 year old has been VERY hormonal and emotional for years and she hasn’t gotten her period yet. I really dread the days when the periods will actually start. How will we survive???!!

  6. Lola locke

    Have to say this made me chuckle. You have such a way with words. I have been blessed with no periods for YEARS but now have a 4yr old with special needs. I am definitely NOT looking forward to the hormonal years, not to mention how in the world I’m going to explain the whole thing to her anyway.

  7. Echo

    I have no girls and no monthly visitor but I really want a box like that. I may make one up and show it to my husband and son so they can just hand it to me when it becomes necessary. Thanks Renee.

  8. Teresa

    I truly hope this comes off with the kindness I intend, but cleaning up ones diet helps soo very much with PMS. All the sugar only makes it worse. My 14 year old was asked a couple days ago if she has painful periods, she had no idea it could be painful. We only eat sugar occasionally. We mostly eat whole foods.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      The worst cramps I’ve ever had in my life came during a time when I was eating 100% clean and exercising on a regular basis. We don’t consume a lot of sugar in our house regularly, and a little chocolate really does help. Most of my girls don’t struggle with cramps at all, but one has them pretty bad. I think it has more to do with her particular genetic makeup than anything else.

  9. Aurora

    Very good idea! I would add some Magnesium in the box, it helps if they have cramps. And instead of Ibuprofen you could use a whole arsenal of homeopathic stuff, if you are interested I can tell you – some of these things are helping against PMS quite good (at least with me). And I´m very deeply sorry, but coffee makes it worse…..

  10. Ethel

    It doesn’t go in a box, but one of the things that helps me and I wish had existed when I was a teen is a period tracking app. Many of them are free and also allow you to track symptoms if you want to. I know, I know: calendars have been around FOREVER, and until one of my friends suggested it, I thought the apps were silly. But after a month or two of tracking, it starts to predict when your next cycle will start — which in turn helps me me more aware of PMS (specifically “GAH WHY DO I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AND WANT TO SIT IN THE CORNER AND WEEP AND SCREAM AND GNASH MY TEETH,” a symptom which has cropped up again in my late 20s…). Maybe that sounds silly, too — I mean, I’ve been getting my period for more than half my life; shouldn’t I be used to it by now? Yes, I suppose so, but the symptoms aren’t always the same, and even if I’ve got it in the back of my mind that my period will probably be a week or so, that doesn’t always translate into thinking about PMS when all of a sudden I’m feeling awful. Glancing at the app and remembering that a lot of how I’m feeling is probably due to hormones helps me feel more in control of myself and the situation.

  11. Coralee

    Off topic: you said the Faber Castel colored pencils are your favorite. Have you tried Prisma Color? I’m in the market for a nice set and have no clue what to buy.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes! We tried Prismacolor for several years. Our favorite homeschool supply company, Timberdoodle, highly recommends them. We hated them! The broke repeatedly when I tried to sharpen them and we did not like the look/color on paper. I actually want to compare/review some on our Large Family Reviews blog later this year.

  12. Melody

    I also recommend the Divacup for those who are comfortable with it. So much less costly because it is reusable! And holds more. Could be awkward to use at school though.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I know many people who use and love these. At this point, my daughters still consider them “gross”.

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