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Tips for Homeschooling High School

The Yup app is one of the ways we are successfully homeschooling high school.

Tips for Homeschooling  High School

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A large family mom's best tips for homeschooling high school.


One of the hardest things I have done as a homeschooling mom is homeschooling high school. Back when this was all just a grand idea in my head and people would ask, “what about high school?” I would give some pithy answer about the world being their classroom and hiring tutors and apprenticing. In reality, things have been much more complicated than that.

Adalia, Judah, Tilly, and Enoch have all homeschooled all the way through high school without ever setting foot in a classroom (and Kalina only went for one quarter). The older three have all graduated with high school diplomas and AA degrees…so you could say it all worked out in the end. “Working out” though glosses over some of the really hard stuff.

Enoch and Kalina have been taking math for the last two years with a former math teacher and homeschool mom. This has taken responsibility of being a Math Teacher off of my plate. Thank you very much, Mrs. E.  But that still leaves the bulk of the planning, organizing and supervising to me.

Here are my best tips for homeschooling high school.

Technology enables me to homeschool my daughter with hearing loss.

1. Have a plan

Be sure and check out your state’s graduation requirements. I was able to find Washington State’s graduation requirements here. Everything is laid out clearly which makes planning easy. This site lists high school graduation requirements state-by-state. 

The Yup app is one of the ways we are successfully homeschooling high school.

2. Check and recheck the requirements. 

Make sure you check and recheck the requirements each year so you don’t miss out on a needed credit. For us, this has been easy. I had no problem putting together a transcript for Adalia, Judah, Tilly and Enoch’s first two years of high school. I have kept notes throughout the years so it was easy to pull those together for a complete transcript. Enoch and Kalina have been taking a homeschool math class, so that is now done for me.

Enoch's Phi Theta Kappa induction.

3. Enroll in Community College if Possible

This website has a state-by-state listing of dual enrollment options. I cannot speak highly enough of our Running Start program here in WA. Our kids have all graduated with a high school diploma and AA degree at the same time. This means Judah’s university expenses were cut in half!

Also, my kids loved the community college environment. Unlike high school, most people there were seeking a degree, not forced by law (or parents) to attend. This means there was an entirely different level of maturity and learning going on.

The Yup app is one of the ways we are successfully homeschooling high school.

4. Find social outlets

Find local groups for your kids to meet up with. Searching Facebook groups is a great way to find teens with similar interests. You can also check out community colleges for community classes, libraries for clubs, church youth groups or Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

The Yup app is one of the ways we are successfully homeschooling high school.

5. Use the Yup App for Math and Science Help

We have hired private tutors in the past but I can tell you Yup is a much better solution to our math struggles. Yup is an app you download to your phone and text the problems to a Yup tutor (the tutors are trained and tracked). This way your child can get help when they need…not during their scheduled weekly tutoring time.

Kalina is taking a homeschool math class this year and is able to call her teacher when she has questions. Her hearing loss, however, makes it difficult for her to talk on the phone. The Yup app is perfect for her. In fact, earlier this week the tutor from Yup helped her with a problem that the tutor at the learning center at her community college couldn’t help her solve!

Using Yup is as easy as snapping a picture of your problem and requesting a tutor.

The Yup app is one of the ways we are successfully homeschooling high school.

Yup has tutors on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I don’t know many teens who wouldn’t be comfortable texting to get math help. I do know many teens who are unwilling to make a phone call or ask for help. Having the tutors on call also means Kalina gets help when she needs it…not at scheduled times. Having an app, instead of a teacher standing over her shoulder, has cut back on homework anxiety too.

You can get 30 minutes of tutoring FREE (no need to give credit card info) using promo code: LEARNINGS

Have you considered homeschooling high school?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.







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